Disney Plus promotes Amazon Prime, for copying Malcolm from in …

  • Wandavision has become one of the favorite series in the entertainment market and a benchmark that we have to pay attention to, as it shows how a franchise is operated.

  • One aspect that we cannot lose sight of in these efforts is that which warns us of how important it is to understand market consumption again.

  • Among the aspects that make streaming a unique platform is the diversity of contents and the commercial proposal that emerges from them.

Streaming is at a unique time, due to the diversity of its commercial proposals such as Wandavision, which have made this platform a great value in the entertainment market.

One of the elements that have highlighted these platforms has been the production of original content and how these have been consolidated in the market, especially when they manage to execute bets that regionalize stories.

Faced with these proposals, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that has to do with the interaction with the consumer and how it is that audience profiles are established, which undoubtedly warn us of how important consumption is in the market , but motivated by stories.

The promotion that Disney Plus made to Amazon Prime

Disney Plus is at its best with Wandavision, a series that has not disappointed and that has become a benchmark for how the company exploits its famous franchises to the fullest.

The history of the series has been based on recreating scenes and very famous moments from television and this time it was the turn to imitate the style of Malcolm in the middle one of the most famous series on television.

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As you might expect, the Wandavision characters were inspired by the famous Malcom, Louis, Dewey, Reese and Hal, to bring the plot of this occasion to life.

The original series of Malcolm in the middle It is currently broadcast by Amazon Prime, a platform that used social networks to launch an unexpected campaign where it shows the characters of this famous production, with the promotional art of Wandavisión.

This idea has become one of the most creative actions of how brands should respond in social networks and become very important references, of communication strategies designed in social networks, known for triggering the reactions of audiences.

Consumption motivated by stories

The insistence of large companies such as Disney to fully exploit their franchises like absolutely all Marvel and Star Wars tapes, is due to the potential that each of these stories and their characters have.

We have just seen a key example of this with the launch in Mexico of the Mandalorian store, as a bet that seeks to fully exploit the interest that is generated in a great story like Star Wars, with all kinds of successes, such as the launch of commercial proposals as viral as the famous Baby Yoda.

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