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At the start of Star on February 23, 275 new films await you in the Disney + program. Among them are also many tough, snotty and creepy genre films that you should definitely see as a fan of action and horror.

2021 Disney and its affiliates.

More than 270 films and more than 50 series in a single day – never before has there been such a large supply with a single streaming service! On February 23, Disney + will not only get a big, but above all a very special addition:

In addition to Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic, Star will then open a whole new world on Disney +, with films and series that are primarily aimed at a more adult audience. (This content can be assigned to the various profiles with the help of a new parental control system, depending on the age rating.)

Sharp-tongued action heroes like Deadpool or John McClane await you right at the start of Star – and several horror classics that made the genre what it is today in the first place. We would therefore like to introduce you to the action and horror films from Star’s start program that we are currently most looking forward to …

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Anyone who has already subscribed to the streaming service does not need to do anything to be able to use the expanded range of Star services: All new content, that is Over 270 films and 55 series will be automatically available to you from February 23 on Disney +.

You don’t have a subscription yet, but are you interested in one right now, when a completely new and huge world is opening up on Disney + Star? Then it is worthwhile to buy as soon as possible: Until Monday, February 22nd, you will pay the old price for the annual subscription (and save 22 percent).

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Disney + presents Star: The Action Highlights

We have already presented some of the best films of all time, which will be available on Disney + at the start of Star, in a separate article – including action classics like “Die Hard” or “Speed” as well as fun-explosive highlights like “Deadpool”, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” or “Spy – Susan Cooper Undercover” presented.

But that is by no means the end of it: With “96 Hours”, the brutal and rousing one-against-all actioner, who heralded Liam Neeson’s second spring career as an action star, joins the Disney + program.

In addition to a number of legendary action hits from “Independence Day” to “Con Air”, which have undoubtedly earned the title of 90s cult, “Logan” is not only one of the toughest, but also one of the best of all Marvel films .

With Star, not only do a number of Hollywood blockbusters land on Disney +, but also genre food that is well worth discovering, which was created far away from the dream factory. Among them for example the not only visually groundbreaking fantasy actioner “Guardian of the Night”, which helped the Russian director Timur Bekmambetov (“Wanted”) to achieve an international breakthrough:

Disney + presents Star: The Horror Highlights!

Disney and horror – do they even go together? At the latest when you look at Star’s program, there is no longer any doubt, at least with regard to Disney + …

The diabolically evil horror classic “The Omen” by “Superman” director Richard Donner not only spread fear and horror with one of the scariest child characters in cinema history – the film is still one of the milestones of the genre today. (The equally successful sequel “The Omen II” is also included.)

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At least as notorious is David Cronenberg’s outstanding and disgusting sci-fi horror film “The Fly”, which received an Oscar for its make-up effects. To this day, the film is considered to be one of only a few remakes that easily surpasses the – also legendary – original.

For those who already know such generally recognized classics by heart, there are also newer and less well-known horror hits on Disney +, including the historical cannibal horror “Ravenous – eat or die” by Alfred Hitchcock inspired the vampire film “Fright Night” and the ambiguous feminist teen shocker “Jennifer’s Body” with Megan Fox.

Kult: Formerly on the Index, now uncut for streaming

With Star, films from the 20th Century Studios catalog are now also coming to Disney +, and with them some titles that were once on the index in Germany before they were only awarded an FSK seal years later in the course of inspections.

For example, fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger can enjoy the – completely uncut – enjoyment from testosterone-charged action riders like “Das Phantom Kommando” or “Predator”!

In addition to the once also indexed “Approved to kill”, in which martial arts ace Steven Seagal is involved in a deadly gang war, there is still a real pearl, especially in the science fiction field, that was also on the index: “Starship Troopers” by Paul Verhoeven is a mercilessly whimsical mixture of action, satire, wit and brains – with lots of slimy alien slaughter:

Although Star mainly releases films that are primarily aimed at a more adult audience, that doesn’t mean that only hard action and horror food is waiting for you there. We once created a very extensive list of all the films and series that will be available from Disney + on February 23rd – and there will also be a number of dramas, comedies, adventure films, science fiction blockbusters and thrillers for you:

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Disney + presents Star: The complete list with all films & series to start!

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