Disney projects until 2028: More live-action, Star Wars and Marvel

2020 has been a complex year for cinema. And the entertainment giant couldn’t be without its problems. While its streaming platform, Disney Plus, is growing and positioning itself more every day, recently arriving in Latin America, it has few remarkable original productions and it seems that it is only expanding as a space of nostalgia. «The Mandalorian» is the exception to this rule, which to date remains the most successful Disney + original series.

And taking advantage of the platform’s boom, Disney decided to release a pandemic film on that platform. The live-action of the classic «Mulán» was the “guinea pig” of the film giant to analyze how a great premiere worked on the platform. The result? A resounding failure, since apart from the negative reviews the film received, you had to pay around $ 27,000 Chilean pesos to see the movie, a fact that caused a massive drain on its subscribers and put a brake on Disney’s ideas to release the Marvel Studios film «Black Widow» (or any other) in the online catalog.

Because of that, the premiere schedule of Disney was completely postponed and is still subject to change. But so far The following is what is known of the upcoming Disney releases, which cover the calendar until 2028.


For next year, Disney He has planned to release everything he could not during 2020. The premiere of the aforementioned film is expected in February «Everybody’s Talking about Jamie» and during March we will see an animated film called «Raya and The Last Dragon». May, in addition, is one of the most important months for the mouse company, since the film starring Scarlett Johansson will finally premiere, «Black Widow», «Cruella» and the animated «Luca». The period film will be premiered in October «The Last Duel» and, finally, for November the premiere of the new Marvel Studios proposal is expected, «Eternals». During December, the new version of the musical will be released «West Side Story» and a new live-action still unknown.


In 2022, Disney will resort to Marvel Cinematic Universe to break the world box office, because it hopes to premiere -for the first time- 5 movies linked to that franchise. During February it will premiere «Thor: Love and Thunder«. In March the second part of Doctor Strange call «Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness«; the premiere of «Black Panther 2» (It is not yet confirmed what will happen to the character of King T’Challa, since the actor Chadwick Boseman passed away during this year). The premiere of “Captain Marvel 2” and in October a new film of Marvel Studios to confirm.

During this year, in addition, it is expected to release three films linked to the live-action genre (without confirming which they would be) and only one original animated Disney work, leaving the most anticipated for last, since during December the premiere of «Avatar 2».

Kate Winslet on the set of ‘Avatar 2’.


2023 would be the year of live-action, because Disney has planned to release 6 films of this genre (names have not been confirmed). It also contemplates releasing 4 productions linked to Marvel and only one animated original film.

2024 onwards

For the next few years (until 2028) the premiere of “Avatar part 3, part 4 and part 5” (All would be released during December in the years 2024, 2026 and 2028 respectively). And while the latest trilogy of «Star Wars» left a trail of bad reviews, that does not mean that Disney does not want to try again. That is why it has a new trilogy of space films in its portfolio, which are dated for the year 2023,2 025 and 2027, with little information to date on what it would be about.

All dates given by Disney are subject to change.

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