Disney revealed a big Darth Vader secret that we all overlooked

The evolution of the Darth Vader character is one of the most developed in the different stories that Star Wars has. We first saw him as a villain with a mask and shortness of breath. In addition to impressive power to use force. However, Disney has revealed two curious situations about the past of the magnificent leader of the Sith.

During one of the regressions noted in the Star Wars comics, Vader has a dream where he was Anakin. During this event the little Padawan was still on Tatooine and began to have this serious, mysterious and fearful attitude that we see in the Phantom Menace.

Then for a moment, walking through his desert region of birth, he begins to chase the sand, from which he cannot escape. This recalls when at one point in the second trilogy, Anakin as a teenager talks about the sand. How much he hates her for being awkward and thick.

Clearly in that dialogue he speaks with contempt for the sand because it reminds him of his own planet. As an adult, he continues to have regressions to everything that Tatooine represents for him. There he lost his mother and everything that one day he promised to save.

It is then when he separates his objective of serving the Republic as a Jedi and decides to satisfy his personal interests. In the extended universe comics, they reference that moment. In addition to noting that the evil Vader was never going to be able to escape his cruel destiny in which he loses his mother, his great love and the support of his teachers. All that changes him for followers who simply fear him and don’t feel anything positive about him.

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