Disney shows video of the new “real” lightsaber

With previous light heavy replicas it is necessary to attach the “blade” to the handle so that it looks like an active weapon of the Jedi Knights or Sith. If the light saber is then switched on, the light in the blade rises from the bottom to the top, simulating the “ignition” of the sword. Some toy lightsabers allow the blade to be extended with a quick wave of the hand, but it doesn’t look that good.

A new light saber is coming

So Disney worked to develop a new type of lightsaber. This extends a blade at the push of a button, which should also look like in the film. So far it has only been talked about, but the replica has not yet been shown. Now Disney has released a first video of it for Star Wars Day.

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The new lightsabers will be part of the story experience at the Galactic Starcruiser Hotel. Disney explains the product: “Yes, this is a new kind of lightsaber that Rey holds in her hand and that was developed by Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development. Guests who experience Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will be the first to see it in See action – along with so much more – when this amazing new two-night adventure premieres in 2022. Watching the lightsaber activate right before your eyes is just one of the countless ways you can see from the moment you arrive Immerse yourself in a Star Wars story until departure, in which your decisions and actions – or even the casual conversations you have – determine how your personal journey unfolds. “

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It is not yet known what the lightsaber will cost.

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