Disney: This is the inside of the Star Wars themed hotel with “space views” | Film and Television

The hotel Galactic Starcruiser (Galactic Cruise) inspired by the universe Star Wars will open its doors in 2021. This has been confirmed Disney, who was made in 2012 with the rights to the franchise started by George Lucas and that currently continues to be a gold mine that does not stop giving money thanks to products such as The Mandalorian

La Casa del Ratón, through the blog of Disney Theme Parks, has revealed what the rooms in this stunning resort-style recreation of the galactic rooms will look like: ultra-modern design, white walls with orange trim, and bunk beds that recess directly into the wall. We don’t know if they will be comfortable or not, but the design is spectacular.

In addition, you will have two screens in the room: one that will show the ship-hotel path in space and another monitor that will pretend to be a window to the cosmos and that it will change progressively as the hours go by.

Is hotel attraction will be part of Orlando Walt Disney World, Florida, which currently keeps its doors open despite the bad data of the pandemic in the United States.

Disney also prepares other stays inspired by Star Wars and in Guardians of the Galaxy in its surroundings, although there is still little information about them.

The problem with this great attraction is its cost: the immersive experience for two nights will not cost less than 1.500€ and could get to climb the 3.000€. To not even have windows, it is a bit expensive.

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