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After the effusive and unexpected welcome that Netflix made, on its Twitter account, to the platform Disney+ (or also Disney Plus), and the exchange of friendly greetings for the approval of their followers, between both, the service of streaming today inaugurated its programming grid for Latin America.

Prior to your signal inauguration, Natalia Scalia, líder de Direct-To-Consumer de The Walt Disney Company Latin America, He spoke with this newspaper about the content of the platform with a family profile and which currently registers more than 73.7 million subscribers in the world.

“Disney + is an exclusive experience. It is the only place or platform where you will find content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars y National Geographic. We are also generating a change of space where you will find a content change, because people already dedicate time to these brands and where everything is consolidated in one place and people will already look for it there ”, says Scalia, who It also ensures that the platform will not interfere with its regular channel productions.

“It is an absolutely complementary proposal to the channels we have,” adds Scalia.

Streaming in front of cinemas

The directive also emphasizes that “both Mulán as Soul, which are the two premieres that will go directly to Disney + (in the case of Latin America, Mulán on December 4 and Soul on December 25) our subscribers will be able to access that content, without any additional charge. there is no decision regarding theatrical release. Cinemas are experiences that we value and have a gigantic relevance that will continue forward. These measures have been specific for these titles due to the context. Later, each title will be released in theaters, which continues to be a fundamental and key experience in the region. “

Production in the region

Scalia details that Disney + is working on the development of local content and the gradual incorporation of these productions: around 70 fiction, non-fiction and documentary projects, originating from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, which will be released from 2021 in the platform.


This is the fun part. With weekly premieres, the user can now see productions such as The Mandalorian, Violetta, Avengers Infinity War, The Lion King, Forky, Hamilton, Before It’s Too Late, Lady and the Tramp, Junior Express, among other. In Ecuador, subscription costs are $ 5.99 per month or $ 59.99 per year. It can be downloaded simultaneously on up to ten devices. (I)

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