DjMariio lost to Ibai, he tweeted that Lionel Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo, and Barcelona responded!

DjMariio He is one of the Spanish-speaking streamers with the most followers on YouTube and Twitch, but he stands out more than anything in FIFA.

That is why he invited him to play a game at Ibai, another of the best known Spanish on streaming platforms.

The bet was that DjMariio should beat Ibai by six goals or more, who knows very little about FIFA 21.

What happened? The match went 6-1! Yes, DjMariio was just one goal away from winning the bet and now everything has changed on his social networks.

My tweets for 1 week will be very culés for having lost a bet with Ibai, which does not mean that Pep’s Barça was pure poetry to behold“he wrote on Twitter.

The fanatic got “Ansufatism“by name on Twitter next to a photo of Lionel Messi. One of his last tweets was:” Messi> CR7. “Yes, something he would never have put because of his fanaticism for Real Madrid.

What did Barcelona do? He retweeted the message and wrote “DjMariio> Ibai”!

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