Does Emmerdale confirm the one-hour special for the terrifying climax of Pierce Harris’ plot?

At the end of this month, Emmerdale fans will be treated to an extra drama with an hour-long special coming soon.

BTI programs revealed that a prolonged episode of the soap will be aired on Tuesday 25 February.

Emmerdale is on the air from 19:00 to 20:00 for the, rivaling the rival soap, EastEnders for the last half hour.

All other episodes of Emmerdale will still air normally that week, which means that viewers will be treated with the equivalent of seven episodes.

Rhona was terrified to learn that Pierce was on probation (Credit: ITV)

While the plot details regarding the extended episode will not be published by ITV until next week, we can confirm that Pierce Harris’ plot will intensify.

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Next week’s Emmerdale episodes will end with Rhona Goskirk realizing that Piece is back, which will most likely lay the foundation for an even more dramatic storyline during the one-hour special.

Pierce attacked and raped Rhona on their wedding night (Credit: ITV)

Recently, Pierce targeted several residents, including Rhona’s best friend, Vanessa Woodfield.

Last month, Rhona was terrified to learn that Pierce, the man who raped her, had been granted probation.

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Pierce and Rhona got married in 2017 and had been known to be violent before their wedding day.

On the wedding night, Pierce took Rhona by surprise when he announced that he had bought them a new home. Rhona was confused because they hadn’t discussed moving to a new place.

Pierce Sent To Jail For Attack (Credit ITV)

Pierce then accused Rhona of not having been over her ex-husband, Paddy. Rhona admitted that while she was drunk, she kissed Paddy.

Pierce accused her of leading Paddy before continuing to attack and rape her.

Rhona reported of his sexual attack on the police and the case was tried, which ended with Pierce being sent to prison for his actions.

Rhona recently learned that her ex was to be released. What she still doesn’t know is that she killed her new lover Graham and persecuted her in the village.

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