Dolly Parton Helped Fund Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine

It’s the greatest gift of all: a $ 1 million donation from Dolly Parton for coronavirus vaccine research helped fund Moderna’s vaccine, whose preliminary results show 95% protection against the virus.

It’s not just the vaccine: there are many reasons for optimism in the fight against COVID-19

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Back in April, the country icon donated money to this research after his friend, Dr. Naji Abumrad of the Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology and Inflammation at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, told him they were making “some progress. exciting “in the search for a cure for the virus, which included the essays of Moderna. Abumrad and Parton became friends in 2014, when the singer was treated at Vanderbilt for a car accident that year.

Parton’s donation has also supported the study of convalescent plasma at this university, treating infected people with the plasma of antibodies against the virus. In addition, your donation has also funded several research studies related to COVID-19.

Moderna has assured that it could produce 1 billion doses of this vaccine by the end of 2021 and plans to apply for an Emergency Use Authorization (USA) from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The US company has also started submitting data to the UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Body and the country has secured an initial quantity of 5 million doses of the new vaccine. Moderna’s advancement is above the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, which shows 90% effectiveness.

Dolly Parton’s research fund for COVID-19 is the latest example of the well-known generosity of the singer, who also gives books to children from birth until they start school thanks to her “Library of Imagination.” She recently told Oprah Winfrey that she never had children to help others: “I think God did not want me to have children so that everyone’s children would be mine, so that I could do things like the Library of Imagination.” , said.

In October he released his 47th solo album, his third Christmas album “A Holly Dolly Christmas.” In addition, his musical “Christmas on the Square”, where he stars alongside Christine Baranski and Jenifer Lewis, premieres on Netflix on November 22.


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