Dolors Sabater, hospitalized in Badalona by the covid

The president of the CUP group in the Parliament, Dolors Sabater, is admitted to the Municipal Hospital of Badalona (Barcelona) for covid.

This is how Sabater explained it in a tweet: “These days I cannot continue the political and public work as it should, because I have to face, like so many other thousands of people, the covid-19. I am in the hospital and I want to thank the work to the personnel of the entire health field and to the entire public health system, we are in good hands! “.

In a statement, the CUP has specified that Sabater is admitted to the Municipal Hospital of Badalona, ​​the city of which she was mayor.

The “reason for the admission” to hospital, the CUP explained, is Sabater’s “need for oxygen”, which “is expected to spend only a few days in the hospital.”

Sabater “is well and remains pending, as far as possible, the political news and the work of the parliamentary group,” he added.

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