Donald Trump announced that the vaccine against COVID-19 will be available to the entire US population from April

Donald Trump. Foto: REUTERS/Carlos Barria

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, assured this Friday that the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed to the bulk of the country’s population as of April 2021. In what was his first public appearance since his defeat in the presidential elections, the president anticipated that the national health authorities will grant emergency authorization to inoculants from pharmaceutical companies with more promising results. And he indicated that the first is probably produced by Pfizer and BioNtech, the first to announce that the first results of the third phase of their trials show an effectiveness of more than 90 percent..

The first doses of the vaccines, he explained, will be destined health workers, risk groups and “front line” workers, that is, those in greater contact with the disease. Minutes later, one of the officials in charge of the plan, Moncef Slaoui, said there will be enough doses to inoculate 20 million people by December.

However, the president said that the federal government will exclude New York state from its plan, alleging that Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo expressed doubts about his safety. “The governor said he wants to take his time, we will not ship to New York so he will have to tell us when it will be ready. We cannot give it to a state that will not give it to its population, “he said.

Trump also referred to the statements of Pfizer authorities, who denied being part of Operation “Maximum Speed” (Warp Speed, in English), the government initiative to achieve the development and distribution of one or more vaccines as quickly possible. He described them as “unfortunate mistake”.

Specifically, Kathrin Jansen, vice president of the pharmaceutical company, said that the money sent by the administration – USD 1.95 billion – represents an advance payment to procure hundreds of millions of vaccines to guarantee priority access for the population. The agreement contemplates the delivery of the first 100 million doses and the option to acquire up to 500 million more.

A scientist works with vials of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer.  Photo: Reuters

A scientist works with vials of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer. Photo: Reuters

In contrast, BioNtech did receive money from the German government for the same purpose of the operation. Berlin gave the German company $ 445 million in September under a deal to help speed up the vaccine. To Operation Warp Speed It is credited with speeding up several other vaccine programs, including one by Moderna Inc. that uses technology similar to Pfizer’s and could yield data from its tests later this month..

While most of the more advanced experimental vaccines that Operation Warp Speed ​​has drawn on will distribute their doses through a government partnership with McKesson Corp., Pfizer is handling its own product delivery. The company has designed reusable containers that can keep doses extremely cold, and is arranging trucks and flights to transport them..

As it was his first appearance since the big television networks declared Joe Biden the winner of the elections, it was expected that the eventual questions of the president would address his reluctance to concede defeat and his unfounded allegations of fraud. However, despite anticipating that the event would be a press conference, Trump withdrew without answering questions from the press..

His only reference to the elections took place when he assured that he will refuse to impose a confinement. “This administration will not order a lockdown. Regardless of what happens in the future, who knows what administration will be there, only time will tell, we will not decree it“, said.

Trump during the event at the White House.  Photo: REUTERS / Carlos Barria

Trump during the event at the White House. Photo: REUTERS / Carlos Barria

The president’s judicial strategy to challenge the outcome of the presidential elections in the key states that gave Joe Biden the victory suffered a new series of setbacks. Specifically, they were in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan, all obtained by the president-elect.

Biden, for his part, has ignored the complaints and started serving as president-elect. On Wednesday night he announced what will be his first public election for the White House: appointed Ron Klain, a seasoned Democratic adviser, as his future Chief of Staff. He also formed a working group to address the pandemic once he takes office, and has delivered various public speeches in which he urged the public to wear masks to mitigate its impact until the arrival of a vaccine.

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