Donald Trump announced that the vaccine for COVID-19 will be distributed free to nursing homes

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced this Friday that the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed free of charge to nursing homes. The president indicated in turn that his administration reached an agreement with CVS and Walgreens pharmaceutical chains to carry out logistics with institutions individually.

“I want them to have that vaccine. They are very efficient. Once they have it, they can open the doors and say ‘Here I am,’ “Trump said when making the announcement at an event in the state of Florida.

Nursing homes will be able to start deciding which pharmacy they want the vaccine to deliver to them starting next Monday. As reported by CVS and Walgreens, they will need two to three visits in a two-month period to manage them.. Of the four vaccines with US funding that are more advanced in development in the country, three of them – Moderna, Pfizer and Oxford and AstraZeneca – require two doses to carry out the inoculation. Johnson & Johnson’s only requires one.

It is expected that once the authorizations are granted, the authorities will carry out the vaccination processes in stages. In all plans, older adults – the demographic most vulnerable to the disease – are among those who will get it first.

“Protecting vulnerable populations has been the number one priority of the administration’s response against the new coronavirus,” the White House said in a statement when communicating the measure. To Friday afternoon, The United States has reported more than 8 million positive COVID-19 cases and more than 218,000 deaths. In nominal terms, both are the highest figures globally.

The announcement comes on the same day that state governments are required to submit their preliminary plans to the federal government explaining how they will distribute the vaccine once it is approved.

Photo of the event in which Trump made the announcement. On the wall, a screen broadcasts the phrase “protecting America’s older adults.” Photo: REUTERS / Carlos Barria

The status of the candidates in phase 3 is disappear. Two of them, those of Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca and the Jenner Institute of the University of Oxford, are currently paralyzed after volunteers showed symptoms or developed diseases. Pfizer and Moderna continue to advance toward requesting emergency approval.


The pharmaceutical company announced this Friday that it will request authorization for the emergency use in the United States of its candidate for a vaccine against COVID-19 around the third week of November.

The US pharmaceutical company declared that it will have the ability to determine whether the vaccine is effective already this month by collecting information from its phase 3 clinical trial, which has 44,000 volunteers.. However, he indicated that he also needs to analyze security data that will not be available until November at least..

Recently, the company announced that it will begin testing its COVID-19 vaccine in children 12 years of age and older. The tests will aim to understand if the product is safe and effective for adolescents.

Photo of the logo of the American company Pfizer at the company's world headquarters in New York (United States).  EFE / Justin Lane

Photo of the logo of the American company Pfizer at the company’s world headquarters in New York (United States). EFE / Justin Lane


The company has not given a tentative date for seeking approval in the United States, but last Wednesday it did so in Europe. Further, at the end of September he announced that a preliminary study 19 showed high levels of antibodies in older adults.

The study was published in the scientific publication New England Journal of Medicine, and indicated in turn that the side effects recorded resemble those produced by a high dose of the flu vaccine.

The study was an extension of Moderna’s Phase I safety trial, which was conducted for the first time in people ages 18 to 55. He tested two doses of the vaccine, 25 and 100 micrograms, in 40 adults aged 56 to 70 years and 71 years and older.

The team found that in older adults who received two injections of the 100-microgram dose 28 days apart, the vaccine produced immune responses roughly in line with those seen in younger adults. Moderna is already testing the highest dose in its phase III trial.

Photo of Moderna headquarters.  REUTERS / Brian Snyder

Photo of Moderna headquarters. REUTERS / Brian Snyder

Side effects, which included headache, fatigue, body aches, chills, and injection site pain, were rated as mild to moderate. But in two cases the volunteers had severe reactions: one reached a fever of 39 degrees and the other had such severe fatigue that it temporarily impeded daily activities, Anderson said.

“Usually the side effects occurred shortly after receiving the vaccine and resolved quickly (…) It’s similar to what many older adults will experience with the high-dose flu vaccine.“Added Anderson, who indicated that such people” may feel unwell or have a fever. “

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson said on Monday, October 12, that it temporarily stopped its clinical trial of its vaccine after one of its participants fell ill.. The hiatus means that the online enrollment system has been closed for the 60,000-patient clinical trial, while the independent patient safety committee is convened.

Oficinas de Johnson & Johnson. Foto: REUTERS/Mike Blake

Oficinas de Johnson & Johnson. Foto: REUTERS/Mike Blake

J&J said that serious adverse effects were “an expected part of any clinical trial, especially a large one.” Based on company guidelines, they can stop a study to determine if the adverse effect was due to the drug in question and if the study can be resumed.

Oxford y AstraZeneca

The initiative has been resumed around the world, but continues on hiatus in the North American country. It is not yet clear when it will do so in the territory.

Health authorities have sought to ease concerns about fears that few Americans will want to get vaccinated in the early stage, reiterating that episodes are normal when conducting massive studies. Earlier this month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formalized a requirement for drug companies to provide at least two months of safety data for half of the volunteers in the trials.

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