US President Donald Trump won the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson post-negotiated Brexit deal criticized. Johnson is very much looking to the United States for a trade deal, Trump said in a conversation with Brexit Party boss Nigel Farage on radio LBC. "We want to trade with Britain and they want to trade with us." But "certain aspects of the deal" would make that impossible.

Became more concrete Trump Not. "You can not do it," Trump merely repeated several times for a new trade deal. Nevertheless, he praised the British head of government. "He's a fantastic man, and I think he's just the type for this time," said Trump.

Farage He recommended that he team up with Johnson for the upcoming election on December 12, and that together they are an "unstoppable force." Johnson respects the boss of the Brexit party very much, said Trump. Farage announced that if Johnson drops the negotiated deal, he is ready to cooperate. He hopes Johnson will get to that position.

Trump also warned of an election victory by Jeremy Corbyn from the Labor Party. Corbyn would be "very bad" for the UK. Of the Labor leader responded immediately via Twitter and accused Trump of interfering in the election campaign. The US president is trying to make sure that "his friend Boris Johnson" is elected, the opposition leader criticized.

The British are to elect a new parliament on December 12th. Johnson had asked the EU for another extension of his country's resignation after Parliament rejected a hasty ratification of the Brexit agreement. The prime minister wanted Great Britain be sure to leave the EU on 31st October. The new exit date is now January 31st.

Corbyn accuses Johnson of failure

The campaign has already started in the UK. Boris Johnson again blamed MEPs for the renewed Brexit delay. He was "incredibly frustrated," he said. "There are just too many people against Brexit
 The Prime Minister criticized that he promised that the EU withdrawal would take place "absolutely at the latest" in January.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn began his election campaign in Milton Keynes, north of London. He accused Johnson of failure in the planned EU exit. "He said,
 he wanted to lie dead in the ditch rather than (the exit) over this
To delay the day (…), but he failed and that is only due
him alone, "said Corbyn, the head of the British Social Democrats
 Case of an electoral victory within six months of a new Brexit deal
 negotiate. Subsequently, the British are in another referendum
 before the choice between an exit on these conditions and a
Stay in the EU.