Donald Trump is best suited for the UK after Brexit, and that’s why, says MARTIN DAUBNEY.

American policy experts have rejected the US election polls – calling it 2-1 for a Trump 2020 victory, confusing poll takers and many pundits who state that Biden already has the presidency under his belt.

A former White House adviser to President George W. Bush says Trump could still win the presidency – and whoever wins, another insider fears the US is “on the way to civil war.” Pippa Milgram, former economic advisor to President George W. Bush, told Unlocked hosts, former Brexit MPs Martin Daubney and Belinda de Lucy, exclusively to Express Facebook viewers: “This race is much closer than the media think. And there is a possibility that the president can swing this thing. “

Pointing to a high level of distrust of telephone polls, Milgram noted, in which many Trump voters lie outright about their voting intentions, adding, “There is a huge silent Trump voting contingent.

“I think it’s bigger this time than last time.”

Mitch Feierstein, portfolio manager and writer for Planet Ponzi, added, “I think Trump will win.

“But I think people will eventually lose. And I think the media will eventually lose too.

“And I think the political system is going to have the greatest success we have ever seen. I think there is a possibility of civil war. “

While Professor Frank Furedi, political commentator, sociologist and author of Democracy Under Siege, was helping Joe Biden win, he slammed the Democrat position on Brexit.

“The only thing I know is that Biden doesn’t like the UK,” he said.

“People close to him repeatedly portray Britain as a failed state. They continue to talk about the toxic atmosphere in British society in the post-Brexit environment.

“If Biden is elected, it will certainly be bad news for people who supported Brexit, because in their own eyes, in Biden’s eyes and in Kamala Harris’ eyes, Brexit is an insult to everything they stand for.”

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