Donald Trump seemed to support the protesters of the Yellow Vest in a provocative message to French President Emmanuel Macron, claiming that the Paris Agreement had triggered the riots.

The US president also claimed that protesters on the streets of the French capital sang his name as his break with Mr Macron deepened.

When the demonstrators in Paris collided with the police and protest demonstrations took place on Saturday throughout France, Trump said: "The Paris Agreement does not work so well for Paris: protests and riots across France People do not want to pay a lot of money, much to countries of the Third World (which are operated questionably), perhaps to protect the environment, Chanting & # 39; We Want Trump! & # 39; love France. "

Sunday Telegraph reporters set up throughout the city did not hear such songs.

Later, he tweeted that the protests were "very sad" and reiterated his request to Mr. Macron to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and agree to the tax relief.

He did not specify how he believed the agreement and the taxes.