DOTA 2: Netflix announced an anime based on Valve’s game

DOTA 2 It is one of the most special and unique cases in gaming. The game started in its original version as a mod of WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne where the map Defense of the Ancients laid the foundations of the genre. After capturing the interest of Valve, and now independent of Blizzard and its platform, DOTA 2 was free to become one of the most important esports on the planet. Such is its popularity that Netflix decided to take the characters from the game to create a series based on them.

The impact of DOTA 2 In the esports world he cannot be overestimated, and can practically be considered the ideologue of the genre. For years it was the most played genre at a competitive and casual level, despite the fact that lately the trend has been more towards the battle royale side. However, large competitive tournaments for thousands of dollars remain the patrimony of the MOBAs, and the game of Valve next to League of Legends are the greatest exponents.

Like any other popular saga, Valve is interested in doing what DOTA 2 grow, but in opposition to cases like Uncharted or Borderlands, the chosen path was not a movie but a series. That’s what they come for Netflix Y Studio ME (Legend of Korra, Boondocks, Voltron). The series will be called DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and will tell the story of the dragon knight Davioon, one of the heroes of the game.


The Netflix official description also confirms that we will see Mirana, princess of the Luna, but the other details are still a mystery. The announcement came as an absolute surprise, but this is what usually happens with the giant’s video game adaptations. If it comes out more or less as it did Castlevania, fans of the saga have reason to be optimistic, and they will be able to confirm it or not when it premieres on March 25, 2021.

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