Dra. Alejandra Stehr participated in the Constitution, Climate and Environment discussion

October 16, 2020

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In the context of the different instances of discussion that have been developing around a new Constitution, the researcher at the Eula Center and academic from the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Dr. Alejandra Stehr, participated this week in the conversation on Constitution, Climate and Environment Ambient.

In the activity, developed in format on line and organized by Evópoli Climate Action, the doctor in Environmental Sciences addressed the proposals for change and actions in the environment focused on water resources, and how some improvements in this area should be considered in a new Constitution.

“We cannot think about protecting the environment and making changes in the Constitution, if we do not also consider changes in ecosystems and water resources, since everything is linked,” said the researcher, adding that today the water resource is one of Chile’s greatest vulnerabilities, due to the dependency it generates. “So far we have not had restrictions in large cities, as in small towns in our country, which are affected by this phenomenon,” the academic added.

In the same sense, during her presentation the researcher explained that Chile is currently affected by a water shortage – and not only by a drought – which is a climatic effect: “In our country the supply of water that we have available is less than the demand This involves human, agricultural and industrial consumption, and that is where one of the important changes that we currently do not prioritize comes from, which is consumption for human use. I hope that, when a constitutional change is made, this can be included and that all policies aim at sustainable development ”, he stressed.

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Dra. Alejandra Stehr G.

When evaluating the discussion, the academic pointed out that “it was a super helpful event. These types of seminars or talks have to start frequently, especially now before the plebiscite, but also afterwards. The only way to achieve consensus, if a new Constitution is approved, is for us to reach an agreement that accommodates all citizens. Furthermore, I would like to emphasize that this seminar included women throughout their development, which shows that we have a lot to contribute to this discussion. “

In the discussion, which was carried out through the platform Zoom and it took place for about an hour, the director of the Environmental Law Center of the Law School of the University of Chile, Valentina Durán; and the director of the international organization Wildlife Conservation Society Chile, Barbara Saavedra. The instance also counted, in the role of moderator, with the director of the NGO in Gea, Angelica Flores; and as presenter, with the regional coordinator of Evópoli Climate Action Coquimbo, Karina Díaz.

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