Police believe that a man convicted of drug trafficking in the UK could be on the run in Ireland.

Richard Wakeling, 52, who has an artificial leg, was sentenced to eleven years in prison for attempting to introduce in the UK a quantity of liquid amphetamine worth $ 8 million. pounds sterling (9.25 million euros).

The incident occurred in April 2016 and Mr. Wakeling has not been seen since January 5, 2018 – before his lawsuit.

Richard Wakeling has been on the run since January 2018. Photo: PA

He was sentenced in his absence to the Chelmsford Crown Court on April 9, 2018, and the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) is now trying to locate him.

The criminal agency said that Mr. Wakeling had family on both sides of the Irish border and that he thought he was in Ireland.

CCTV images released by the investigators show that Mr. Wakeling left his home on January 5, 2018 in his white Audi Q3, registered under number EF66 ZWR, shortly after talking to a man wearing high visibility clothing.

He was seen on video surveillance leaving his home on that date. Pic: PA

The day he was last seen, he crossed Iver in Buckinghamshire, then took a bus from Heathrow to Glasgow before boarding a ferry from Stranraer to Belfast.

His car was found at his home in Brentwood, Essex, a week after he left.

Police said Mr. Wakeling also has relatives in Thailand and Canada, said NCA Director of Operations Paul Green: "Wakeling has been on the run for over a year and knows we're still looking for him ".

British police think that he could be on the run in Ireland. Pic: PA

"He should also know that we will do everything in our power to bring him back to serve his sentence.

"I urge him to surrender.I have no doubt that someone who will see this call will have information about where he is."

"Anyone who helps Wakeling or who actively frustrates our efforts to find him can be arrested for helping an offender."