A criminal group delivering Class A drugs and washing millions of pounds was closed.

An investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Metropolitan Police Organized Crime Partnership (OCP) has seized more than £ 1.4 million in cash. At least GBP 1.8 million was known to have been laundered by the criminal network.

Heroine and cocaine were just a few of the 37 kilos of £ 3.5m worth of street-level drugs that were recovered along with a pistol and 50kg of ketamine.

WATCH: The video contains footage of members of the criminal group

The organization was headed by Tilbury man Baljinder Kang and his right-hand man Sukhjinder Pooney from Gravesend.

Pooney was found guilty of conspiring to deliver Class A drugs yesterday outside the Kingston Crown Court.

One of his cash couriers, Kieran O'Kane, was also found guilty of money laundering while Webster Kenton and Abid Rasul were convicted of conspiring to deliver Class B drugs – Rasul escaped bail in his absence.

Baljinder Kang pleaded guilty to all charges on May 23.

Sukhjinder Pooney
Sukhjinder Pooney

The money launderers Amir Ali and Aminoor Ahmed did the same on 23 and 24 May.

Careful persecution of the group and the gathering of evidence by the investigative team began nearly two years ago.

In October, officials heard Kang at a steak restaurant instruct Chander that he could deliver "10 for 26", which would mean 10 kg of cocaine for 26,000 GBP per kg.

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Bajinder Singh Kang

The officers later arrested Chander, Abda Saleh and Ferass Awwad after they met at a Wolverhampton parking lot to hand over 7 kg of cocaine.

That same month, Pooney's subordinate Amir Ali was seen in a branch of Barclays in Halifax, West Yorkshire, where he paid £ 50,000 in cash to a fictitious company called Layton Commodities Ltd. moved in.

Several other important events forced Kand and Pooney to watch her criminal operation collapse.

They were both arrested on January 31 last year. Kang lived a lavish lifestyle.

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More than 1 million pounds were reclaimed by the criminal group

He owned watches worth £ 12,000 and £ 36,000, rented a Mercedes and an Audi A3, and used his criminal earnings to buy luxury goods from designer stores such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Harrods.

The multi-million-pound illegal drug trafficking proceeds were transferred to the Front Company's bank accounts in order to hide them from the public before being transferred to a target account in Dubai.

The group used encrypted smartphones to prevent unauthorized persons from reading their messages and burner telephones that were not registered for any user to control the activity of the group.

John Coles, head of National Crime Agency Specialty Services, said: "Drug trafficking between Kang and Pooney will have contributed to violence and supply chain exploitation, while far-reaching money laundering has taken advantage of the British banking system to move money off the market." Shore.

"The threat of organized crime continues to grow, and there are many other groups in the UK that engage in activities similar to this group.

"The NCA and its police partners use all means at our disposal to identify and disrupt them."

Simon Moring, the Met Metropolitan Chief Inspector, added, "This was a lengthy and thorough operation, with a dedicated team of Met and NCA staff working together – all working to reduce organized criminal gangs.

"I hope that today's outcome strongly reminds those involved in organized criminal activities that the Organized Crime Partnership is far-reaching and will use all the powers available to us to bring about a conviction."

The conviction is scheduled for July 24 at Kingston Crown Court.

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