DSEI to be held in September in London alongside two counter-terrorism fairs

Sectorial exhibition of security and defense

Interior of the DSEI exhibition site in London during a previous edition. Photo: DSEI

13/01/2021 | Madrid


The largest security and defense exhibition in the world, in which technologies and products from land, air and sea are grouped, DSEI, is preparing for its next biennial appointment, which will take place from September 14 to 16. The event has a special significance this year because it marks to a large extent the return to the presence of the major events in the sector, after months in which the fight against the covid-19 pandemic has led numerous editions to limit their celebration to the field digital, postpone or cancel it, as happened with Eurosatory, the other major European event, in this case in Paris, which also takes place every two years, when DSEI is not held. The British exhibition will also be distinguished this edition by jointly holding two other parallel fairs in the same venue (the exhibition center ExCel London), in both cases dedicated to counterterrosism.

The other two samples, which are titled Counter Terror Expo (CTX o Expo Against Terrorism, in Spanish) and Forensics Europe Expo (FEE o Expo Forensic Europe), will therefore also take place between 14 and 16 September.

“Thanks to careful management of the performance of the plane”, according to the explanations of the show’s event director, Grant Burgham“We are able to run CTX and FEE together with DSEI and offer attendees and stakeholders a week of business opportunity that will be worth the wait after a tumultuous 18 months for our industry.”

Navantia and Expal, confirmed

Burgham abounds that the organization is “in a position to deliver a strong DSEI in 2021, both in terms of new exhibitor bookings and organic growth in booth size.” For now, companies of the entity of Spanish firms have already confirmed their presence Navantia and Expal.

This event, aimed at security and defense professionals from industry, infrastructure, governments and the police, especially attracts visitors and exhibitors from all over Europe. All of them, added those responsible for the event, “will have the opportunity to seek commercial synergies against terrorism with a broader group of stakeholders that assist DSEI, in all land, naval, aerospace, joint and security domains.”

According to information provided by the organization, “DSEI is on track to offer the most comprehensive platform to date, with key companies returning and first-time exhibitor numbers reflecting the industry’s commitment to a return to business. face-to-face events ”.Interior of the DSEI exhibition site in London during an edition

DSEI brought together in its last edition, in September 2019, more than 1,600 exhibitors from fifty countries, and welcomed more than 35,000 visitors – among professionals from the sector, representatives of the defense ministries and the general public. It also hosted presentations by more than 300 executives and experts from the sector.

Three events in one

Regarding the celebration of two more exhibitions, dedicated to the counterterrorism field, together with DSEI, the event director of one of them, CTX (Counter Terror Expo), Tracy Bebbington, explains that, given the circumstance that many of CTX attendees usually travel to the fair from abroad, “we have decided that there is a strong cross-audience between CTX and DSEI attendees that we could take advantage of to carry out three events in one in 2021 and thus allow our assistants to take advantage of the commercial opportunities that we will offer ”.

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