Prince Harry revealed in a surprise show that he is already mentally concerned with a brother or sister for Baby Archie. His son should not remain an only child.

Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) enjoy their family happiness with their son Archie, who was born on May 6th. The little man is just half a year old and has seen a lot of the world. Together with his parents he flew to South Africa and went on holiday in the south of France. In the video above you can see why Prince Harry is especially proud of his offspring.

In public, Archie is rarely seen, but fortunately his parents sometimes share details from his life. Duchess Meghan chatted only a few days ago and revealed that her son already has two teeth and is eager to crawl.

These shots are melting away! We show you the first laugh of Archie:

Archie's first laugh! These shots are melting away

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Prince Harry wants to know: How's that going with a second child?

Prince Harry now seems to confirm that there may soon be a sibling for Archie. When he met up with the families of army personnel in Windsor this week, one question seemed to interest him first of all: How is family life going on with two children?

"Harry was really interested in finding out how it all works if you have two children," one of the mothers present said, according to the US portal She revealed that she recommended the prince to have a second child. The younger brother of Prince William (37) had already revealed in a previous interview with "Vogue" that he would like to have "a maximum of two" children with his wife.

If Harry needs more information, he can always contact his brother. He is the same as Triple Papa and should know all the tips and tricks around the topic of offspring.

Prince George was allowed to join his parents and sister Charlotte in the football stadium. For the little prince a very special moment:

Little fan with great emotions: in the football stadium with mom, dad and Charlotte

© CAMERA PRESS / Duchess of Cambridge;


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