Due to bad weather, they postpone the Milanese contest

The event was to be held at the La Plata Fútbol Club site.

The competition to choose the best Milanese in the city was suspended this Saturday due to the heavy rains that occurred in the afternoon. The contest was planned to be held outdoors to avoid crowds in the context of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, bad weather did not allow the event to take place and, for that reason, it was postponed to October 24 at 1:00 p.m. It will be broadcast live on Monstermila’s social networks.

The participants who presented their Milanese and decided by voting that the contest should not be carried out are: Che la Milanesa, La Toxi Stone, Food & Roll, Lo Nuestro made at home, Milan, Mosntermila and Dante.

Due to the bad times that the owners of bars, restaurants, pizzerias and rotisseries are going through, this contest arose to disseminate the work of the gastronomic sector of the city and choose the best Milanese in La Plata.

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