Kenny Miller (second from left) brought Dundee to equalize

St Mirren was unjustly punished in his tie at Dens Park, insists Dundee boss Jim McIntyre.

Simeon Jackson brought the buddies forward from the final whistle, but Kenny Miller scored with his first Dundee goal since the last two of the Premiership were anything but endless.

"It's definitely not a punishment," complained McIntyre.

"It's very soft, but the reaction was great and the most important thing was the response of my players."

Dundee is bottom of the table, one point behind St. Mirren, and the hosts finished five defeats, while the lost series of buddies was at seven.

"We deserve the win," McIntyre added. "We had the better chances.

"We had a much better pace as I wanted to play it and got ourselves into really dangerous positions."

Oran Kearney, coach of St Mirren, was disappointed when his side dropped out of the match. He thought that Danny Mullen should have given a second punishment.

"Danny is between the full-back and the goal, he's on the line six meters to drill the ball, and when he swings, contact is made," he said.

"Twenty-five minutes after we hit, we got the wrong reaction." Rabbit in the spotlight: "What happened here? "That kind of thing."

Honors even in the Dens Park

This game could have acted as a spectacle – a tense nervous matter, or would both sides opt for it? Luckily it was the latter and it made for a good watch.

Dundee knew that they had to do something about their toothlessness – zero shots on the goal in the last two games – and they created the better odds. But that must have made much more annoying afterwards.

The nature of St. Mirren's sentence will also rattle. Jackson was far too easy on Cammy Kerr. Undeterred, Jackson dusted off to hit the kick over the crossbar into the net.

It would be an eventful afternoon for the striker, who was later booked for the simulation.

Jackson scored his second goal for St. Mirren

Dundee answered as best as possible. Benjamin Kallman's ball over the box met Captain Miller's foot, who hit the ball high in the net. It almost sounded like Dundee had won the Premiership.

Overall, the Dark Blues had anything but good in the second half, but could not find another goal. Both sides deserve credit for bringing so much into the game.

"Statistics remain gloomy for both sides" – analysis

Winning a game would have meant so much for both sides. Likewise, the loss would have been enormously significant.

The way both sides played must have satisfied both managers. There was little evidence of pressure from two sides fighting for form and results. The majority of the game was open and experienceable.

The statistics, however, remain bleak for both sides. Dundee now with only one win in 14 games, St Mirren with zero wins in 13 games.


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