Durex challenges sexual norms in relaunching the main brand on Valentine’s Day

Durex is rallying against repressive sexual conventions as it restarts on Valentine’s Day.

Created by Havas London, the new positioning and visual identity will see the 91-year-old brand challenge sexual taboos, stigmas and obsolete attitudes in favor of the more positive and inclusive ones on sex. All Durex’s marketing and communications globally will reflect this new message, with the aim of normalizing good sex for everyone, no matter how it is.

Durex unveiled the new brand on Valentine’s Day, when many of these conventions are held stronger, to break the myth that good sex can only happen on special occasions. He published an open letter that begins: “What if this Valentine’s Day defies sexual norms.”

He continues: “What if we take a stand for sex? Worry less about how it should” look. “Celebrate how it can feel. Where porn isn’t the norm. And sexually transmitted diseases are a bit real. Women aren’t judged too much quickly. The kids aren’t told they need a big ****. ”

The advertisements reveal the realities of sex, with lines like: “We are pretending it. Two out of three of us are not fully satisfied with our sex life.”

Campaign statistics are drawn from Durex’s global sexual investigation of 2017 which showed an evolving sexual landscape. While the growth of the Internet has led to more openness, discussion and exploration of sex, it has perpetuated much confusion, disconnection and unrealistic representations at the same time, the survey results showed.

The work was created by John Ogunmuyiwa and the advertising agency is Zenith.

Elliot Harris, global executive creative director of RB (owner of Durex) in Havas, said: “This could be the most important job we’ve ever done. Durex is a huge brand with a unique and vital role in culture. It has a real influence and ability to bring about real change.

“This new purpose of the brand will lead to healthier conversations and attitudes towards sex – but also to greater inclusion and acceptance for those who may not always experience it. Having a brand like Durex publicly and proudly on your side makes the difference. “

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