Durham’s Apple Southpoint to reopen in a new space on February 15

A new Apple Southpoint in Durham, North Carolina will open to customers on February 15 at 11 a.m. M.

Wrapped in glass on two sides and shaded by a plank canopy roof, Apple’s redesigned store at The Streets at Southpoint is steps away from its former location. The new store is located next to the mall entrance, across from Pottery Barn and West Elm. Apple rebuilt a space that previously housed Restoration Hardware.

The new Apple Southpoint will be a significant update for Apple customers and teams, adding the latest design elements such as a forum, video wall, and Avenues.

Tap the arrows on the interactive template below to explore the new store and see its location.

All Apple stores in North Carolina temporarily closed on January 16 due to COVID-19, and all except Apple Southpoint reopened on February 8. Construction on the new store was largely completed several months ago, but Apple has handled new store openings with caution from the start. of the pandemic for the sake of health and safety.

While it’s exciting to celebrate a new space, I’d be remiss not to mention the inadequate send-off the old store received. The original Apple Southpoint opened on March 9, 2002, making it one of Apple’s oldest and most historic stores. The location was one of the last three in the world with a black metal facade flanked by a pair of shiny Apple logos and hardwood floors, part of the original store design Steve Jobs unveiled nearly 20 years ago.

When the North Carolina Apple Stores closed in January, they were all operating as Express storefronts, meaning that customers were not allowed in to browse. There was no public indication that the temporary closure of the store was his final farewell. Store moves are typically celebrated with a farewell applause from customers and employees. Historic Apple Southpoint sneaked off into the night, stealing a piece of Apple Retail lore without a goodbye.

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Visits to the new store on opening day will be limited, so be sure to check if an appointment is available to shop with a specialist. All Apple stores in North Carolina continue to function as Express storefronts as of February 13, but the situation can change at any time. Health and safety precautions still apply at all store locations, and Apple encourages customers to shop online with Apple Pickup whenever possible.

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