Dutch customs officers confiscate British sausage sandwiches

British motorists have to hand over their sausage sandwiches

The fact that Great Britain has left the European Union is now also felt by travelers at the border. In the video we show how a British motorist is checked by border guards in the Netherlands. He’s packed a couple of sausage sandwiches as travel provisions. But they are confiscated by the Dutch customs officers. Since Brexit, the British are no longer allowed to import certain things into the EU – this includes the ham on the driver’s sandwiches.

Certain foods are not allowed to be imported into the EU

Meat products, fish, fruit and vegetables – all of this is suddenly subject to new entry regulations, the customs officer explains to the astonished driver. “England is now a third country for the Netherlands,” he explains. The Brit even asks if he can just take the ham off the bread so that all sandwiches don’t end up in the trash. But even that is not allowed. “We have to confiscate everything. Welcome to Brexit. I’m really sorry,” replied the border official.

The UK government also advises on a website with information for professional drivers that even personal travel provisions when entering the EU are now subject to stricter regulations. “You are no longer allowed to import products of animal origin into the EU, including those containing meat or dairy products (for example ham or cheese sandwiches),” says the government website. The only exceptions are for baby food, milk powder for babies or specially processed animal feed. For other animal products, such as honey or fish, there are certain upper import limits in the EU.

Sausage bread is not allowed across the border

Anyone who nevertheless tries to smuggle a sausage bread into the EU and is caught doing it has to either eat it up immediately at the border or throw it away. With the regulation, the European Union wants to prevent dangerous animal diseases from being introduced. Since Great Britain officially separated from the EU on December 31, 2020, the country has also had to submit to the EU’s strict import regulations.

Conversely, the rules for immigrants are much more relaxed. Anyone traveling to Great Britain from an EU country can import all animal and vegetable foods as long as they are intended for their own use.


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