Education guard Ofsted was busy inspecting schools throughout Cheshire in October.

During the visits, the inspectors examine five main areas: the quality of education; Behavior and attitudes; personal development; the leadership and the management; and the early years determination.

In total, four grades can be awarded, of which the best is outstanding.

From there, the grades are good, in need of improvement and inadequate.

Earlier this year, we created a list of the schools that were struggling in the county at the time, as well as the schools that the Education Guardian considered the best.

Below is a summary of what the inspectors said last month in the inspection reports published for Cheshire West and Chester, Cheshire East, Warrington, and Halton.

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Capenhurst Church of England Elementary School

Address: Capenhurst Lane, Capenhurst, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 6HE

Visited: September 12, 2019

Report published: October 11, 2019

Audit grade: Good

Ofsted said, "The Capenhurst Church of England Primary School continues to be a good school, but inspectors are concerned that the standards may be falling, as explained below.

"Parents, caregivers, and students value the sense of family in this small school, the staff have a nurturing approach, the students feel at ease in the school, they are happy and safe, and leaders and governors use the expertise and skills of the school staff To provide a wide range of opportunities for the personal, social and cultural development of students.

"Teachers are thinking about how to make learning interesting for students, students are enjoying their work and are interested in learning, teaching is going well without interruption due to bad behavior, and executives value good reading Reading as the Key to Enable Students to Learn In all other disciplines, they have invested in a number of interesting texts: Teachers introduce phonetics at the beginning of the year, and in Key Phase 1, teachers helped students to improve their phonetic skills when they lag behind peers.

"This has brought some success, and the proportion of students who have reached the expected standard in first-grade phonetic check has improved, but the books they read are consistently inconsistent with their phonetic skills, especially for some of the students have the lowest skills that do not meet the expected standard, including special needs and / or disability (SEND) students.

"There is a mixed picture in mathematics: the leaders have not defined what students should do in different grade groups or in any mathematics topic, and teachers do not plan the small steps students need to take in order to understand their learning.

"The leaders of the syllabi did not have the opportunity to develop their subjects further, they did not figure out what content to keep and use for their future learning, so students can not remember what they learned in their topic work that they learn disjointed facts

"The headmaster has made sure that students' mental, moral and social development is promoted at a high level and students have many opportunities to get to know different faiths, and they have a number of interesting outings and a number of visitors to the school."

Catholic Elementary School St. Mary of the Angels

Address: Rossall Grove, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Harbor, Cheshire, CH66 1NN

Visited: 19 and 20 September 2019

Report published: October 16, 2019

Audit grade: Good

Catholic Elementary School St. Mary of the Angels, Little Sutton.

What Ofsted said: "The students at this school really enjoy their education, they find the lessons interesting and fun, they work very hard and behave well because the teachers expect that, they listen to the adults and each other and do what they do being asked to do so immediately.

"The headmaster and governors have made sure everyone in the school has followed the latest inspection report, which has greatly improved the school, and the headmasters and the headmaster give everyone the time and help they need to make changes are satisfied with the developments and developments. " I think the school is better. The school now has sufficient strengths to exchange best practices from its own staff.

"The leaders have designed a well-structured curriculum and continue to focus on math and English, while ensuring that students study all the subjects in the national curriculum by the end of grade 6. They do so by learning in individual subjects linking together other areas of the curriculum.

"Employees skillfully teach what executives expect in each subject, ensuring that students review earlier work before moving on.

"In all subjects, teachers list the skills students should learn at the end of each level, but in some subjects, such as history and geography, they do not always show clearly enough the knowledge students need to remember for future learning.

"The school's much improved results show that mathematics and English teachers are now planning more effectively so that all students can reach their full potential.

"However, in some subjects, teachers do not routinely ensure that the work is challenging enough for all students to fully expand their knowledge and skills, and that the leaders and teachers ensure that students with special educational needs and / or disabilities (SEND ) and disadvantaged students have the help they need to do their best.

"The headmaster prioritizes reading, there is a clear order for phonetics lessons from the beginning of the reception, the leaders ensure that there is enough time to read, and that teachers and teaching assistants are highly qualified." Teachers immediately know if students are available . " Fall back and give them extra help until they catch up. The students like to take books home to share with their families. In the storytelling time, teachers share their love of books with contagious enthusiasm. "

Mossley Church of England Elementary School

Address: Boundary Lane, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 3JA

Visited: 17 and 18 September 2019

Report published: October 15, 2019

Audit grade: Good

What Ofsted said: "Students are happy at Mossley Church of England Elementary School, they respect each other and the staff, they accept the Christian ethos of the school, and students told us that they always feel safe and they love to They know the staff take care of them, and the students feel confident in being able to confide in adults when they have the slightest concern, and the behavior is exemplary, even in the early years.

"Managers, governors and teachers have improved the quality of teaching since the previous inspection, and above all, they have improved the performance of students in reading, writing and mathematics, and the students perform well in subjects such as science, geography and history worked closely with professionals to ensure that all students have an ambitious and effective curriculum.

"The leaders have worked out the curriculum to make sure students are getting a good learning experience, and visits to museums, zoos, and historic cities like Chester and York are raising students' interests and bringing the curriculum to life, and the leaders are training the staff well To help you have a secure knowledge of the subjects they teach, teachers understand how the curriculum is designed, and they understand what all students should and should know at the end of each topic.

"Leadership is a high priority in reading." There are daily phonetic lessons in the Reception Classes and in Main Level 1. All students read every day Most students read fluently and in good language Older students are familiar with the work of a wide range of authors and professionals some poets who enjoy reading science fiction, adventure and nonfiction books.

"The quality of the offerings at a young age is good, the staff uses inspiring indoor and outdoor learning areas to develop the skills and knowledge of children, and there are many opportunities for children to engage in creative activities such as music and the arts like to explore the world around you. " Role play and use of technology: Children have a strong bond to the staff and are well looked after.

"Children are strict rules, cooperative, and curious, and they benefit from an interesting and engaging curriculum that helps them acquire the knowledge they need, and teaches children to learn well, especially early reading Writing and Mathematics For example, children love to rhyme and count in order to consolidate their learning.

"Employees' morale is high – the staff works effectively to make sure the students perform well, they think the school has improved since the previous inspection, they enjoy the work at the school and they have the inspectors informed that managers are paying attention to their well-being. " , "

Catholic Primary School St. Vincent

Address: Finlay Avenue, Penketh, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 2PN

Visited: 18 and 19 September 2019

Report published: October 22, 2019

Audit grade: Good

What Ofsted said: "The students at this school are happy, kind and fun to learn, make the most of the varied experiences the school has to offer, and have good experiences." The students told us about the greater possibilities which the school offers.

"The students at the school benefit from very helpful staff who look after them and get to know them well, the students are safe and secure, the students behave well, their learning is hardly disturbed in the classroom, bullying is not tolerated."

"The students live up to the high expectations of the staff, listen carefully and do their best in the classroom, and teach the students the confidence to improve and progress." The teachers meet the students' individual needs.

"Parents and carers appreciate the openness of the school and appreciate the opportunities the school offers to share learning with their children.

"The executives have taken appropriate steps to improve the curriculum since the last inspection, and the curriculum is now building the students' knowledge and skills well, with the curriculum goals fulfilling the school's mission to educate and develop their students To inspire potential.

"Teachers think carefully about the resources they use to engage students and inspire their imagination." Students like to learn, teachers give students precise advice on how to improve, and students understand the standards they expect Teaching assistants can help students with special needs and / or disabilities (SEND).

"School expectations are the same for all students, and in some subjects, such as history, students are less likely to remember previously learned knowledge as they could, due to the lack of opportunities available to students The curricula include knowledge and concepts that become more demanding over time However, teachers do not consistently encourage students to apply their new skills in different situations, for example, students in physical education learned the techniques of the chest passport but could not say When this was passed would be most useful in a game. "

Thelwall Community Junior School

Address: Thelwall New Road, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 2HX

Visited: 17 and 18 September 2019

Report published: October 17, 2019

Audit grade: Good

What Ofsted said: "Students are proud of their school, they feel appreciated and secure because there is always someone to talk to, when they have any worries, students like to play with friends, older students take care of themselves The Youngest Students When They Enter School In Grade 3, students play well together at play times, and students say that behavior is good and bullying is rare, and they are confident that it would be quickly rectified if it happened.

"The school leaders have determined what students should know when they leave school, and the curricula set out that this knowledge is taught in different subjects – the information that teachers collect before the third year students go to school This means that third-grade teachers can not always build on what the students already know.

"By the end of grade 6, students achieve the same levels of achievement as other students at the national level in reading, writing and math, and interruptions in teaching are rare because learning is carefully planned and teachers know how to attract attention The students say that they know what they need to do to improve their work because of the teachers' clear explanations: the students are well prepared for the next stage of their education.

"Leaders value reading at school, and students enthusiastically report on the types of books they read, from stories to textbooks, for example, older students recommended a series of books on Roman and Greek legends, in English My free time: Students who have reading problems have the help they need to catch up quickly, especially in third grade, and the books they read are in line with the sounds and words, They study with confidence and fluency.

"Leaders encourage student learning through a series of activities outside the classroom and the school building, such as a visit to Chester to see what it was like to be a Roman in ancient Britain." Students are particularly proud of the fundraiser, for which they raise donations Local charities: The students enjoy the many sports competitions in which they participate.

"The governors do their jobs effectively, they know the school, they support the leaders well, and they hold them responsible to make sure the good quality of the education is maintained."

Westfield Elementary School

Address: Clayton Crescent, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 4TR

Visited: 24th and 25th of September 2019

Report published: October 24, 2019

Audit grade: in need of improvement

What Ofsted said, "Most students think that classroom behavior is good, and we saw that in most of the lessons we attended, occasionally seeing silly behavior and students who did not pay attention, but nothing disturbing.

"Some students think that the behavior when playing is a bit rough, we have seen boisterous but good-natured behavior, when lively children play with balls and hoops, some bumps and stumbling blocks appear, the staff oversees the students and is well trained Need First Aid This is what we saw Some parents are worried that seasons are dangerous We did not think this was right, but there is room for leaders to check the organization of seasons.

"Managers make sure that teachers know exactly what to teach in English, math and science, and when to teach it, and this type of guidance is still in the planning phase for other subjects, and sometimes teachers may not choose appropriate activities or resources to help students learn what they want, which means that students do not benefit from well-planned curriculum and effective teaching in all subjects, which means that students in all subjects do not fare as well as they do should.

"Reading ability has improved, and most students are now reaching the expected end-of-second and sixth-grade standards.There is a lot of specialized teaching in phonetics, but a small part of the lesson is not as effective as it should be.

"Over the past year, the proportion of students who were regularly absent from school has more than doubled, and lost school days mean students are missing out on valuable learning experiences." The new interim headmaster is taking swift action to tackle this problem.

"Since the last inspection, there have been significant staff disruptions, including at the executive level, and this and the initial resistance to the results of the last inspection have slowed the pace of improvement, during which time some senior executives did not have the opportunity." develop their role. "

Catholic Primary School of Our Lady of Perpetual Succor

Address: Clinton View, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 8JN

Visited: 24th and 25th of September 2019

Report published: 18 October 2019

Audit grade: Good

Ofsted said: "This school has improved a lot since the last inspection, it is now a good school, students are getting good results and they enjoy coming to school, the number of visitors is high, the behavior and attitudes of the students are exemplary Lessons are we saw that the students were very respectful to their teachers and each other.

"Employees expect students to perform well, students have a positive attitude towards learning and are proud of their work, and when they work with their friends, they take turns and help each other out." Older students have many tasks that they work diligently Executives Reading is a priority: Students regularly use the high-quality school library and enjoy all the new reading texts.

"They talked enthusiastically about their favorite books, and students enjoy all the subjects taught at school, and they appreciate all the visits and clubs available after school.

"Pupils with special needs and / or disabilities (SEND) have the opportunity to take care of themselves in all areas of the curriculum, this is a very nice and caring school, the students feel safe knowing that their teachers are with all the worries and worries Bullying is rare Bullying is a fast-paced lifestyle.

"The parents are positive about the school, the employees agree that the executives take care of them, the executives take care of the well-being of the employees, and in return, the employees devote themselves to helping the students succeed, the governors They are proud of the school, they challenge executives and provide support when needed. "

Catholic elementary school St. Basil

Address: Hough Green Road, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 4SZ

Visited: 11th and 12th of September 2019

Report published: October 4, 2019

Audit grade: Good

Ofsted said, "The students are happy at school, and almost everyone we met described the school as" funny "or" great, "saying their work in the classroom was usually challenging extracurricular activities, including football, rugby, cricket and gymnastics: they gladly show that they are good citizens in their various roles, even as school captains.

"Students are excited about their educational trips, they told us they enjoy learning and adventure activities in residential areas, students are creative, they improve their singing skills at the school, read poetry to visitors at charity events and visit local nursing homes to sing older people The students of grades 2 and 2 receive music lessons and like to play at concerts on various brass and woodwind instruments such as clarinet, trombone, cornet, recorder and guitar.

"The students behaved well during the inspection and reasonably and in-between lessons during the lesson, and the students told us that the behavior is usually good, indicating that their peers are the most active Adhere to rules and act responsibly.

"The students also said that they always feel safe at school, saying that they would not hesitate to talk to an adult if they had reservations, knowing that such concerns were dealt with quickly stubborn that bullying rarely happens, they say that's because people come together and respect each other. "

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