By Berkshire Eagle Staff

The Berkshire Eagle has won the 2019 newspaper title for the Sunday edition and UpCountry magazine has won the New York Newspaper & Press Association 's annual specialty magazine awards.

The awards were announced Thursday at the New England Newspaper Awards luncheon at AC Marriott Worcester.

The Sunday edition marked two years in a row that The Eagle won first place. For UpCountry Magazine, its victory in the Specialized Publications category is its second in three years of existence. UpCountry was the finalist of its category in 2018.

The Eagle won the newspaper title of the year, a finalist in this week 's edition, with the New Hampshire Concord Monitor. The MetroWest Daily News of Framingham took the general category.

Unlike other national newspaper competitions, this one is judged by a jury of New England newspaper readers, according to the New England Newspaper & Press Association. The jurors evaluate the quality of the reports and the writing, the use of the photos, the design and presentation, the numerical offer, as well as the overall utility and value. They also wonder if newspapers inform, educate, entertain, inspire, motivate, direct and reflect and care about the community that they serve.

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"It's comforting to be recognized by our peers for the excellent work done daily by our journalists, designers and editors at The Eagle.It's even more amazing to see UpCountry rewarded for excellence three years." right away – take first place Although I do not dare to pick favorites from our publications, UpCountry holds a special place in my heart because it was created as we wish, "said Fredric D. Rutberg, publisher, president and co-owner of New England Newspapers Inc., which operates The Eagle and UpCountry.

The Eagle competes with other New England newspapers with 10,000 to 20,000 copies. The New England Newspaper & Press Association's annual contest includes separate categories for weekday editions and Sunday editions.

The finalists in the Sunday newspaper division were North Andover's The Eagle-Tribune and New Bedford's The Standard-Times.

UpCountry, launched in January 2017, is the bi-monthly glossy magazine produced by The Berkshire Eagle and its sister publications in New England Newspapers Inc. Among the finalists are the Business News from Providence, RI, and Mainebiz from Portland, Maine .

The New England Newspaper & Press Association is the professional newspaper organization for New England and represents more than 450 daily, weekly and specialized newspapers.

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