Linda (played by Kellie Bright) is beginning to believe in the version of Stuart (Ricky Champ) when it came to being shot.

EastEnder's viewers saw Linda taking off her wedding ring and apparently distancing herself from her prison father Mick (Danny Dyer).

Last night in the BBC soap, after Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White) faced Linda, she was thrown out of the Queen Vic in some dramatic scenes of BBC soap.

But it looks like Linda Shirley (Linda Henry) will answer when she returns to Walford.

Spoiler images released before the episode show that Linda is the one thrown out of the pub.

In the teasers Shirley and Tina are defiantly behind the counter to see.

On the other side is an angry Linda with her things in garbage bags.

But she also has Stuart, who holds one of the bags in his hand.

One shot shows Shirley hurling even more of Linda's stuff at her.

However, the question remains where Linda will go.

Is she on the verge of Stuart?

Stuart was not shy to admit his feelings for Linda in the past.

However, it may be that the relationship is not what it seems.

Mick and Linda have gone through so much together that their sudden change of heart hides a devious plan.

Linda could approach trying to free Mick.

Fans of the soap have made with Twitter to speculation about what the landlady really intends.

"Certainly Linda plays Stuart in #eastenders," one exclaimed.

Another guessed, "I think Linda is playing it !!! I think she does not believe Stuart, but she wants him to tell the truth, and she'll do anything to get Mick home, #EastEnders. "

"I think Linda is doing this to lure Stuart into a false sense of security so that he appears and reveals the truth. She has to make it believable! By no means would she doubt it, he Mick !!! #EastEnders, "suggested a third.

EastEnders continues BBC One on Monday at 8:00 pm


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