EastEnders aired a Death Twist in the aftermath of Friday, when Jean Slater's love interest in Daniel was confirmed to want to fake his death.

The new character met Jean recently in the hospital, where both were treated for cancer.

Daniel recently confided Jean his incurable diagnosis and she desperately tried to help him.

On Thursday she was devastated when she found out that he had died. Only a few days later, they spent a good time together.

EastEnders showed a turn when Daniel returned from the dead

After her daughter Stacey fled from Walford after attacking Phil Mitchell, she was in the dumps.

Daniel had helped her when she opened herself to him and finally enjoyed his company so that his death had broken her heart.

On Friday, Kush Kazemi accompanied her to Daniel's memorial service, which was led by his neighbor Mike.

Jean was devastated when he heard that Daniel had died

Daniel revealed that he did not want Jean to see him die

But there was a big turn when neighbor Mike went outside after the memorial and Daniel was waiting for him.

He then confirmed that he had indeed faked his death, but there was an emotional reason for it.

Daniel told Mike how he wanted to save Jean from the pain of falling in love with him, only to lose him later.

Jean has no idea that Daniel lives

The character admitted that he had fallen in love with her when Mike tried to understand his decision.

He said, "I just want to go away before she falls in love, save her from the misery of seeing me disappear into a hospice.

"What's the point?"

The spectators were devastated by the turn, though he was happy that he was alive, hoping that he and Jean would get together.

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