Easter Eggs y detalles curiosos de The Siege – The Mandalorian – Spoiler Time

Without Ahsoka Tano this week … but hey. The important thing is that the episode 4 from The Mandalorian, The Siege, it was much more than a filler, giving us good moments of action against the useless Stormtroopers, the tenderness of YoditaAnd even the advancement of important secrets warsies!

This is our analysis of easter eggs, cameos and little details you may not have seen (or understood) from episode 4 of season 2 of The Mandalorian (or chapter 12, then).

WARNING: Remember this article contains MANY spoilers.

1 The Aqualish races and the Mimbanese

Do you remember the nefarious criminals Ponda Baba and the Dr. Evazan vs. Luke Skywalker Y Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope? It was interesting to see that the breed Aqualish itself is mostly dire, with that scene where a group of ruffians are decimated by the new marshall from Snow. Interesting to see the local meerkat as a “new breed” warsie (officially called lava meerkat on the site of Star Wars), although the collectors of the saga surely recognized the reference to the ephemeral but well-valued stuffed animals of Luke Y Obi-Wan suricatas. We love seeing Cara Dune with her new pet!

We also saw the return of the Mimbanesians (Solo: A Star Wars Story), though this time with an empire spy who clearly looked mysterious when Greef Karga orders him to fix the Razon Crest… Now we know how it will continue Moff Gideon a I send to the hideout of Ahsoka Tano.

And speaking of races … Did you notice that more beings similar to Zuvio in the market of Snow?

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2 The man in the jean pants

Be it a mistake or something intentional, The staff member with the watch and jean pants leaked in the battle scene against the Stormtroopers went from alien grief to epic, making us remember both other blunders such as the glass Starbucks from Game of Thrones or little details like the shock soldier “crashing” into a door or the flying tennis shoe in A New Hope.

We loved it, but make sure that doesn’t happen anymore! Do you think someone was fired after the mistake?

© LucasFilm

3 A tribute to IG-11, the renovated canteen and … the trade routes!

Although the scene makes it clear that we will no longer see this droid in action (we had faith that a wookie repair it, like Chewie a 3PO), it was emotional see a statue of IG-11 in the center of the central town of Snow, as a clear tribute to Way Y Greef to the ally who helped them liberate the region from the Imperials.

Peculiar see also how Way Y Greef turn the canteen wrecked at the end of the season 1 in a little school (scene of tenderness on the occasion of The Child) with a protocol droid as a teacher … and a clear mention of the famous trade routes! Corellian Run, Kessel Y Hydian Way from Clone Wars Y A New Hope!

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4 Connections with Alderaan … and a communicator like Star Trek?

It is surprising that some media said that this is the first time that Carl Weathers directs, when he has done since 1995 (Renegade) and recently in Hawaii Five-O. What is clear is the reference to the communicators of Star Trek when the pilot of the Rebel Alliance leaves a kind of medal to Way after their conversation about “coming back” as a member of the Blue Squad. Could it be that the ex-pilot will return … or at least ask for help at a key moment using the device as a communicator in the style trekkie? Looks like we’ll find out soon.

Another interesting detail: although we already knew the planet of origin of the powerful Cara Dune, his nostalgia for the ones he lost in Alderaan It makes us think, Will there be a more important connection with Leia Organa or your adoptive parents?

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5 Aftermath of Carbonite

Did you notice that the first sound of the episode was precisely that of someone encapsulated in carbonite? Yes, the reference was to remind us of the first capture of I send in the first season: the poor Mythrol. Later in the episode, the blue amphibian explains that it has not recovered from the after-effects of the carbonite, as it can either see well with one of its eyes.

Does Han Solo did you suffer from sight for the rest of your life? Thanks to the “great idea” to kill him in The Force Awakens, we will hardly know now …

© LucasFilm

6 A speeder like Luke’s

It is a fact that it is not the same vehicle, but the same model. The X-34 what do you use Mythrol to transport the heroes to the imperial base in Snow is very similar to Luke Skywalker in A New Hope, albeit with some power mods (what a thruster!) and a nice blue color. And how ugly we feel when the meroreador Trexler smash this floating beauty!


By the way: Did you notice the reference of Mythrol to how expensive toys can be Star Wars when you talk about how weird the marauder vehicle was?

© LucasFilm

7 The “return” of the midichlorians and … the origin of Snoke?

This made us laugh a LOT. The daring of John Favreau to bring back the controversial midichlorians of George Lucas in The Phantom Menace (even calling them shyly M Count in the mouth of Dr. Pershing) was great, and at the same time makes them relevant by connecting their influence by trying to create a kind of “Force Frankenstein”.

It is clear that the sinister experiments commanded by Moff Gideon have a clear connection with Snoke (for those who think it is Palpatine, listen WELL to the background music, which is the theme of Snoke) Y possibly we know more about this Supreme Leader in the future of the mandalorian This Djarin.

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8 The blue cookies (without milk)

Although the wrapper didn’t look “spatial” at all and the blue cookies looked like earthy macaroons, the blue color of the sweets stolen by Yodita they made us remember the famous blue milk that Owen Y Beru served at your weight for breakfast with Luke in A New Hope.

By the way … how depressing it was to see the bitter Luke old man drinking from that horrible creature in Star Wars VIII! Why did you do that to us, Rian Johnson?

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Did we miss any easter egg? The Mandalorian (seasons 1 and the current one) are available at Disney + Latin America RIGHT NOW. Safety pin!

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