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When you first play Paladins it may appear to be an Overwatch clone, however the Hi-Rez Studios game was in development before Blizzard announced their game. Now what both games are quite similar, even in the graphic section, it is a fact. Now, this does not mean that each one has its own personality, so to speak.

Unlike Overwatch, Paladins is a game free-to-play. The Hi-Rez Studios game is focused on team multiplayer mode. Before each game you have to choose one of the many champions – characters – that are available. Each character has their own abilities. In turn, they also have a role. Some are designed to heal teammates, others to do a lot of damage to opposing players and, finally, there is another class whose role is to be in the front line by having much more stamina.

In Paladins all content that affects the game can be unlocked without having to pay. You simply have to play one game after another. Then there are the designer items. These items are paid. At no time is a title pay to win. Forget about paid objects that grant any type of improvement compared to those players who have not gone through the box. But let’s put all this aside and talk about trophies. Paladins doesn’t have many trophies and the ones that do exist are easy to unlock. With that said, let’s see how you can get it all.


Paladins Bronze Achievements and Trophies

  • From the Tomb: Kill an enemy champion after he has killed you.
  • Digging: Victim of environmental danger. Watch video.
  • Sniper: Eliminate an enemy player over 300 feet.
  • Aerial counteroffensive: Eliminate a player who is more than 100 feet above the ground in the air.
  • Team up: You played a game in a group.
  • Good training.: Complete the Paladins tutorial.

Silver trophies and achievements

  • Double elimination: Get 10 double kills.
  • Survivor: Survived more than 50 battles with less than 10% health. Watch video.
  • Carry Extremo: Kill more than 20 enemy champions in a single Match. Watch video.
  • Blood and sweat: Deliver a knockout blow with the round completed. Watch video.
  • Bounty hunter: Eliminate an enemy player with a kill streak greater than 15. Watch video.
  • The more the better: Deal more than 100,000 points of damage in one game.

Gold trophies and achievements

  • The Champion of the kingdom: Have four champions with Level 5 Mastery.
  • Collector Mastery: Unlock 60 Talents.
  • Unharmed: Win a game in which the enemy team did not earn points.
  • Late questions: Deal damage to all enemy Champions in a match before they deal damage to you. Watch video.
  • Explosive attack: Land 5 headshots in a row without missing a beat.
  • Last standing: Be the only survivor in a match. Watch video.
  • Expel: Eliminate a player with an environmental hazard.
  • Not that way: Eliminate an enemy player while you have 50 HP or less.

Platinum Trophies and Achievements

  • Champion of Champions: Unlock all trophies in Paladins.

All Paladins trophy and achievement icons

Videos to get Paladins trophies and achievements

Late Questions – Video

Last Standing – Video

Survivor – Video

Carry Extremo – Video

Blood and Sweat – Video

Bounty hunter – Video

Digging – Video

To play Paladins on PS4 no need to be a PS Plus member. All the games free-to-play they can be played online without paying a subscription. So you have no excuse. If you like compatible games, then here is one that is worth trying. If you are the owner of a PS5 you will not have any problem when playing. Hi-Rez Studios game is backward compatible. You just have to update the software to the latest version to avoid any glitches that may arise while playing the game.


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▪ Release date: 05/02/2017

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