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Although when talking about MMORPG possibly the first game that comes to mind is World of Warcraft, there are other titles of the genre that have opted for a gameplay and mechanics that they have little or nothing to do with the Blizzard game. Black Desert would be one of these titles. Developed by Pearl Abyss, Black Desert was a breath of fresh air that came out at a time when MMORPGs were on the loose.

Black Desert not only has a very advanced character editor, but also a very innovative combat system that is based on combos and abilities. In the Pearl Abyss game, the fighting is frantic and requires a lot of skill with the controls. As for the missions. It is not a linear gameBeing a sandbox, you can do the main and secondary missions at your own pace and without following a pattern. Further, Farming is very important in Black Desert. In fact, if farming isn’t your thing, it’s probably not your game.

You can do so many things in Black Desert that you could spend hours and hours carrying out tasks without doing a mission. For example, you can create boats to sail, fish and hunt all kinds of sea monsters. If you wish, it is also possible to train and breed horses and other animals.

Getting the Platinum trophy requires a lot of dedication. Trophies are not difficult to unlock, rather they take a long time. For example in Recognized by all, you have to reach 150 contribution points for all the inhabitants of the region to recognize and greet you. But the best thing will be to see how to get all the Black Desert trophies.


Black Desert Bronze Achievements and Trophies

  • The noob: One step forward among many. Level 10 combat reached.
  • Voluntary: Helping someone is more fun than you thought! 10 Contribution points achieved.
  • Novice Explorer: You may have a talent for exploring. Discovered 10 nodes.

Silver trophies and achievements

  • The cover: Grabbing the feeling. Level 20 combat reached.
  • The veteran: You attack with certainty. Level 30 combat reached.
  • Cheerful contributor: No matter how exhausted you are, you will not care for the joy of others. 50 Contribution points achieved.
  • Skilled Explorer: That steep mountain is not difficult to climb. Discovered 30 nodes.
  • A man and his horse: Doesn’t your ass hurt? Level 11 of Training reached. Watch video.
  • Master Craftsman: Roast, dry and throw away … oh wait, I haven’t thrown anything away! Crafting level 11 reached. Watch video.
  • Catch a big fish: Have you caught a big fish? Level 21 Fishing reached.
  • Can you dig this ?: Oh my arms … Gathering level 10 reached.

Gold trophies and achievements

  • The brave one: You fight how you want. Level 40 of combat reached.
  • The big one: A remarkable improvement. Level 50 combat reached.
  • Recognized by all: All the inhabitants in the territory recognize you and greet you. 150 Contribution points achieved.
  • Pioneer: You have to sell the maps made by yourself to live. Discovered 50 nodes.
  • Partner coach: It’s time to be intimate with your horse. Level 31 of Training reached.
  • Strong machinist: You need something? There is nothing I cannot elaborate! Crafting level 11 reached.
  • Fishing guru: One with the fishing pole. Level 51 Fishing reached. Watch video.
  • Early Spring Picker: The world is my farm. Gathering level 31 reached. Watch video.

Platinum Trophies and Achievements

  • Teacher: You are a teacher.

All Black Desert trophy and achievement icons

Videos to get the trophies and achievements of Black Desert

Pioneer – Video

Fishing Guru – Video

Early Spring Picker – Video

A man and his horse – Video

Master Craftsman – Video

If you like MMORPGs and you go from paying a monthly subscription to play, Black Desert is your game. Here you just have to buy the game. By the way, tiene crossplay con Xbox One. So if any of your friends have the Microsoft console you can play with it. Finally, it is worth mentioning that it has texts in Spanish.


RESÉRVALO DESDE 54,90 € (69,99 €)



RESÉRVALO POR 54,90 € (69,99 €)


▪ Release date: 03/03/2016

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