Ed Kemper, from serial killer to giving voice to children’s stories

Ed Kemper, also known as ‘The schoolgirl killer’ is dedicated to audiobooks in prison. The inmate has recorded more than five thousand hours of audios and in the United States he is very successful in this industry. It should be noted that most of his works are children’s stories and also great works known as ‘Dune’ by Frank Herbert.

Ed Kemper killed ten people, including his grandparents and his mother. From May 1972 to February 1973 he carried out a series of crimes, all of them against young women, for which he is known as ‘The assassin of the schoolgirls’. According to him, his anomalous behavior had a clear origin and that is that his mother’s mistreatment and contempt caused him to develop anger and hatred against women. His intelligence served him on numerous occasions to escape the law, however, to this day he is serving a sentence for those murders. Since he entered prison he has carried out different activities, now he is dedicated to audiobooks and specifically to children’s stories.

Family life

Edmund Emil Kemper III was born on December 18, 1948, in Burbank, California. He grew up in a very conflictive family nucleus, his parents were constantly arguing for which they ended up divorcing. From a very young age, he showed sadistic and cruel behavior, torturing and murdering animals, mutilating his sister’s wrists and also playing the electric chair and the gas chamber with her. With an IQ of 145, Ed developed abnormal behavior and had numerous problems in his childhood, with his family, and also at school.

He and his sister lived with his mother, who despised and mistreated him to the point of sending him to sleep alone in the basement. This maternal education, coupled with a pathology, led Ed to develop a strong hatred of women.

Edmund Kemper in his childhood

During the time that Edmund lived with his mother, there were numerous altercations with animals that he killed and beheaded. His first victim was a cat that the family had, he killed her and buried her body in the backyard, with her head he made a dark altar at the head of her bed. For this reason, in his adolescence he went to live with his father, but due to the bullying he suffered at school due to his height (two meters) and the continuous ridicule for his bodily appearance, he went to live with his grandparents on the farm of North Folk. Installed there, one day he shot his grandmother and later his grandfather. The reason he gave to the police who went to the scene was that “he wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.” Because of this, he was admitted to the High Security Hospital in Atascadero.

When he turned 21 and after exemplary behavior, Kemper completed his internment and returned to live with his mother. Just three years later, a crime wave would begin.


The first crime occurred on May 7, 1972 when Edmund murdered two Fresno College State students, Mary Ann Pesce and Anita Luchessa. The girls got into the vehicle because Ed offered to drive them to the university, however, he took a back road and took them to a remote location. Once there, he violently murdered, stabbed and strangled them. Then he took the bodies home and once there, he had sex with them. Later he dismembered them and took some remains to a mountain in Santa Cruz and others he threw them to the landfill.

Ed Kemper police footage

From that day on, Kemper carried out numerous murders against different women, all of them young, until on April 20, 1973, he brutally murdered his mother. He dealt numerous stab wounds as well as hammer blows. After this, he beheaded him and had sex with his head. Then he invited a friend of his mother to his house, he also murdered by strangling her.

Eventually Ed confessed to the murders to the police and was arrested. Throughout these years he has participated in interviews, documentaries and also in investigations with the aim that professionals study his mind and understand what is happening.

His work with audiobooks

At the age of seventy-two, Kemper dedicated himself in prison to giving voice to well-known books. Although in Spain audiobooks do not have many listeners, in the United States they are a great phenomenon in the publishing industry. According to the Pew Research Center, 18% of the US population listens to audiobooks.

Edmund is part of the ‘Volunteers of Vacaville’s Blind Project’ program in which the objective is the inclusion of the blind in society. Within this project there are numerous activities, one of them is the recording of audiobooks, an exercise for which the serial killer has earned a reputation inside and outside the prison.

According to different sources, his audiobooks are very successful in this industry and apparently the inmate has more than five thousand hours recorded. Kemper has given voice to different works such as Frank Herbert’s fictional novel ‘Dune’ or the first ‘Star Wars’ novel. In addition to this, Ed’s voice is at the service of adaptations of romantic books, cookery books and children’s stories.

The killer of the schoolgirls in prison

This serial killer has dedicated ten years of his life to this activity and every day he spends hours doing this work. His work has been widely recognized both inside and outside the prison and he has even received visits from the blind thanking him for his dedication.

To this day, Ed Kemper continues to serve a life sentence for the murders he committed at Vacaville State Prison.


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