Manchester United boss Ed Woodward was classified as "arrogant" by a club agent.

The Red Devils winner is currently in the limelight, as the team was unsuccessful this season under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Currently, the club is only two points above the relegation zone of the Premier League.

Some Manchester United fans feel Woodward let Solskjaer down because he did not earn any money this summer.

Others, however, are aware of the difficulties such a job can bring.

Woodward is something of an unknown. He does not talk that much unless asked to by club investors.

And a facilitator who spoke with The Athletic described the deputy chairman of the United States as "arrogant."

"Woodward can be arrogant," he said allegedly.

"If you ever say anything that presses its buttons, it will say," Do you know who I am? "His job is impossible, is not it, but I do not think he's in fame."

However, another person at United has spoken fervently of Woodward.

It is said that he is "charming and sociable" behind the scenes of Old Trafford, but he is also a good conversationalist.

Woodward should show real interest in those in his company.

And he dresses casually, presumably to paint a picture of him, to be an approachable and relaxed person.

Nonetheless, United's former defender, Gary Neville, recently called on the club to get rid of Woodward.

And that's because he thinks the club has "gone down" under the 47-year-old.

"They had [Marouane] Fellaini, [Ander] Herrera, [Chris] Small, [Alexis] Sanchez, [Romelu] Lukaku and probably four or five others who either had their chance at the club, did not fit their style or did not want to be in the club, told Neville about Sky Sports.

"He got half of them out, there's no doubt that Man United would be a better team today with these five players in the squad. Solskjaer probably knew that and the club too.

"They would never win leagues and European Cups with the remaining players. I did not like watching this group of players for two or three years. There was not much to like.

"I do not think the man at the top should still be here, I think he had his chance, but that's another story.

"The club has fallen in some ways in the short term, which I think is a better position in the longer term."

While Woodward shared the opinion, he oversaw United's success.

The club has won three trophies in his tenure – more than Liverpool, against which he will compete on October 20.