Sir Mick Jagger knows that you can not always get what you want, but still stands for a rare romantic change. The much younger lover, Noor Alfallah, seems to abandon their three-year love affair as a new admirer. Excited is her new man both richer and younger than the Rolling Stones singer, 75, and she has been encouraging Noor, 23, for months. She has shared photo's of herself with the philantropist of billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, 57.

Noor Alfallah, 23, seems to have abandoned her three-year love affair with Sir Mick Jagger in favor of the new lover billionaire philantropist Nicolas Berggruen, 57

Her new boyfriend is both richer and younger than the Rolling Stones singer, 75, and has been Norwegian, 23, for a few months now. Pictured: Mick Jagger (left), Noor Aflalah (second left, with Ronnie Wood (second right) and his wife Sally Humphreys (right) The son of an art collector and an actress, Berggruen, who previously supervised the supermodel Claudia Schiffer, was schooled in Switzerland, but earned his fortune in America, mostly owned.The tycoon, whose erratic appearance is often compared to that of Jagger, was first seen at lunchtime with Noor in New York in April, although sources indicated that they Jagger still a In a smashing post she placed a picture of herself and Berggruen in August, and wanted her "partner in crime" to add a happy birthday: "So glad I can celebrate it with you. "In October, Noor and Nicholas were also spotted at an art exhibition together in Los Angeles, and they spent at least a part of the summer together in Capri and St Tropez. Coogan labels ex-love Courtney a nuts & # 39; -stalkerA serious e Oscar-contender for his performance in the upcoming Hollywood film S tan & Ollie, Steve Coogan has decided to remove the skeletons from his closet. The actor and comedian, 53, best known in this country for his politically incorrect alter ego Alan Partridge, spoke for the first time about his tumultuous, drug-led romance with Courtney Love, 54. Coogan has done the amazing assertion that the enormously rich widow of Nirvana, rock star Kurt Cobain, paid people to follow him after their split. Coogan, who speaks at a party in the London Soho, tells me: & # 39; She hired a private detective to stalk me – she is crazy. & # 39;

Actor and comedian Steve Coogan (53) first spoke of his tumultuous, drug-based romance with Courtney Love, 54 Courtney does not deny the claim, but expresses his disappointment at the fact that Coogan has chosen to talk about their romance. talk, which took place in 2005. & # 39; I truly believe that we have all left this wreck from the past & # 39 ;, she tells me. His remarks do not, however, detract from her respect for his work. She adds Coogan, who plays Stan Laurel in the biography of Laurel and Hardy: "I think he is a comical genius." When their romance ended, Courtney had wept from Los Angeles: & # 39; 39; There are only a few people who are good influences and some people who are not good influences. Hopefully, that guy [Coogan] Leave us alone in this city and go back to Brighton, or wherever he comes from, and maybe he just stays there. Woodman, who in his Memoirs 2015, Easy Distracted, revealed that he had ever been taken to hospital after taking too much cocaine, insists that he does not worry about new revelations from his past. & # 39; I have nothing to hide & # 39 ;, he says. I do not worry about someone who rebels against me – all my relationships have been in agreement. & # 39; However, you will not find him on internet sites. & # 39; I do not do dating apps & # 39 ;, he says. & # 39; I am not on Tinder. & # 39; The smart set talks about … Amanda Eliasch's transvestite singer Lively Amanda Eliasch, an Oscar-winning copywriter, Sir Tim Rice, is a loyal fan of the London party scene. But now she has to beg for attention with an even more colorful character – her own son. Charles, 26-year-old, skilled father, whose father Amanda's Swedish billionaire-ex-husband, Johan Eliasch, makes name as a cabaret for cross-dressing performer called Evie Lake (pictured). With dancing, skintight dresses and eye-catching makeup, Evie not only illuminates the stage in the capital, but also in cities around the world.

The son of Amanda Eliasch, Charles, 26, makes a name for himself as a travesty comedian named Evie Lake (photo) & # 39; How do I say this? I am a female deceiver, a female impersonator – a gender bending machine, I assume, "says Charles. & # 39; Evie Lake was born at my music college in Cardiff, but the act was forbidden, so I brought her to London. & # 39; I have now entered the stage where people think: "Is she or not she [a woman]? & # 39; & # 39; Amanda, 58, is a photographer and filmmaker, and her son adds: "I'm not the first person in my family to go to showbizz, but I'm the first to be crossdressed." Heads-is James court maker Laura, while the two daughters of Carole Middleton enjoy bliss, her only son, James, has had trouble finding lasting love. Now the lovable 31-year-old marshmallow-maker is kind to a mystery blonde. This week he took her to meet his parents, his sister Pippa and Prince Harry and Meghan at a Christmas song service in Chelsea.

This week James Middleton took a mystery blonde to meet his parents, his sister Pippa and Prince Harry and Meghan on a Christmas song service in Chelsea, but when photographers appeared, she hid her face under her felt fedora (right). "She is his new girlfriend," confirms a good friend. "Pals claim that she is the wildlife artist Laura Pearse (above), 31, who has a creepy resemblance to his ex-girlfriend, Donna Air. Denied by Laura, who insists that she would not even recognize James in a photograph, how curious, given that they are following each other on social media: No-show wills and Kate as Meghan parties

Prince William and Kate did not attend a board meeting this week of the charitable Royal Foundation they lead with Prince Harry and Meghan. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do not seem too concerned about reports of a break with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. can reveal that Prince William and Kate did not attend a board meeting this week of the charity Royal Foundation that they lead with Prince Harry and Meghan. Not only were Harry and Meghan there, but afterwards they went to the staff's Christmas party, & # 39; I have been told. & # 39; It was a very happy affair. It is a shame that William and Catherine did not show up. & # 39; According to Kingsington Palace, the Cambridges were not expected. Hune Royal Highnesses attend these meetings in turn & # 39 ;, says a spokesman. & # 39; This session was focused on programs & # 39; s under the direction of the Duke of Sussex. & # 39; When the quartet attended their first official event in February, they were described as the Fab Four, just like The Beatles. Meghan will not prove that they are Yoko Ono? Cameron mourns Aunt CyllaDavid Cameron mourns his beloved aunt Cecilia, who died at the age of 87. Famous as Cylla, she was the sister of Cameron's mother Mary and married with colorful baronet, Sir William Dugdale, who was the chairman of Aston Villa in their glory days. Cameron will of course attend the funeral in Warwickshire. After Cylla & # 39; s husband died in 2014, Cameron ended abruptly asking after a major immigration speech, explaining: "I must go to the funeral of a loved family member, a man who fought at Monte Cassino, landed on the beaches of Anzio, rode a horse in the Grand National and was president of the world's largest football club, Aston Villa. "So I do not want to dishonor him by being too late." Lady Shirl Ey Bassey, who has kissed Prince Charles and performed for the Queen, is still amazed that Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. & # 39; It's great, but I was blind, & # 39; admits the 81-year-old singer, whose hits are Goldfinger. The Cardiff-born Dame Shirley, who is a mixed breed like the Duchess of Sussex, adds: "I never thought I'd see that in my life. & # 39; It came from nothing, but good for Prince Harry. & # 39;

Dame Shirley Bassey is still amazed that Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. & # 39; It is beautiful, but I was blindly & # 39 ;, gives the 81-year-old singer. Despite the fact that he came back from the George Bush Snr funeral in Washington at 3 o'clock in the morning, Prince Charles organized a dinner in Clarence House that evening. It was for the charity Jewish Relief, and he lit a Hanukiah. & # 39; It was very moving & # 39 ;, tells one of the 38 guests. I think it's the first time that a Hanukiah [a nine-cup candelabrum] is illuminated in a royal residence. Charles wore his blue velvet skull cap that was embroidered [Prince of Wales heraldic badge] feathers. & # 39; (Very) modern ways. How do you judge an expectant lover? Hollywood star Hayley Atwell does this by examining their bookcase. I wish I could be open-minded, but I just have not been in love with someone who does not like books & # 39 ;, admits the 36-year-old Londoner. , which shone in the critically acclaimed 2017 adaptation of Howard & # 39; s End by the BBC. & # 39; They are so & # 39; n a big part of my life. & # 39; Hayley, who has played the Marvel heroine Peggy Carter in various TV series and blockbuster movies, including Captain America, adds: & # 39; When I go home, I go directly to the bookcases. & # 39; It's a way to work someone out. & # 39; My book collection is my most valuable thing. So that excludes men who read on their Kindles.