Edias Razek, Chief Marketing Officer of Victoria's Secret, apologizes for comments on transgender models

The Chief Marketing Officer of Victoria's Secret has apologized for his comments on transgender models.

Ed Razek, who belongs to the casting team, told Vogue magazine that the annual shows are "a fantasy" and "should not include transsexuals."

He has now apologized for his remarks and said they are "insensitive".

Asked by Vogue if the current Instagram generation of Victoria's Secret was looking for "something new," Mr. Razek said, "Should not you have transsexuals on the show? No, I do not think we should.

Artists and Models on the Track at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 on 8th November (AFP/ Getty Images)

"Well, why not, because the show is a fantasy, it's a 42-minute entertainment offer, that's it."

When discussing whether Victoria's Secret had been thinking about using transgender and plus-size models and placing more emphasis on diversity, Razek said, "If you're wondering if we included a transgender model in the show or have a plus point – we have size model in the show. "

He continued, "We tried to do a television series for plus sizes [in 2000], No one was still interested in it. "

In his apology, Razek, who was interviewed by Vogue along with Monica Mitro, the company's vice president of public relations, said. He said that transgender models had come to auditions, but had not made the cut, but it was not about gender.

He said, "My comment regarding the inclusion of transgender models in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show seemed insensitive to me. I apologize.

"To be clear, we would definitely have to cast a transgender model for the show. We had transgender models for auditions … and how many others did not make it … But it was never about gender.

"I admire and respect your journey to understand who you really are."

Victoria's Secret has been struggling with falling sales since 2016.

Corresponding to Mr. Razek's comments, the author of Lingerie Addict Cora Harrington tweeted, "An 80-year-old man owns the business and a 70-year-old man manages it. And their archaic perspectives – in women, in sex, in plus-size people, in trans people – make VS a poorer brand day by day. "

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