Either or Questions: The coolest question list ever

Do you love games and quizzes? Then you’ve landed at the right place because we have either the coolest or questions from a wide variety of categories picked out that you and your friends will have a lot of fun with and created a list of questions for you. In the question game you not only have the opportunity to get to know the game members better through the questions, they can also provide the perfect topic of conversation for the first date or in the getting to know phase with your crush and you reveal a lot about your counterpart. You and your boy are already one step further? Then you both will certainly have a lot of fun with the Relationship issues to have. But that is not all. Do you dare to either ask the most difficult or questions? You can find these categories for the game here:

  • Either or questions: How does the game work?
  • Either or funny questions
  • Either or ask a date or get to know each other
  • Either or relationship issues
  • Either or family questions
  • Either or questions series, films and TV
  • The hardest either or questions

Either or questions: How does the game work?

Before you start having fun, you should also know how the board game works. The good thing about it: You don’t need any equipment just a good mood and at least two people who want to play the game. You ask a person an either or question with two options and they decide to answer. If more people want to participate, you can come up with your own rules together, divide into groups, guess the words, write down the list of questions or give each other points to make decisions even more fun. There are no limits for your creativity. Most importantly, you have a lot of fun with your fellow players.

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Either or funny questions

Do you and your friends need something to laugh about? Then how about these funny either or questions? The more players take part, the funnier!

Instagram or TikTok?

Your day – crazy or sensible?

Socks or barefoot?

Would you rather be a carrot or a cucumber?

Live in ancient Rome or in the future?

Just walking around naked or only in embarrassing costumes?

Be invisible or read minds?

Write back or ghosting?

Just lying or just telling the truth?

Would you rather wear adult diapers or change an adult’s diaper?

Surprise party or motto party?

Cowboy hat or beanie?

Just four hours of sleep every night or enough sleep every night, but nightmares?

Sweatpants or jeans?

Perfume or deodorant?

Toast or eggs?

Would you rather be a chicken or a pig?

Saturday or Sunday?

Sweating or freezing?

Smiling or Resting Bitch Face?

That or that Nutella?

Either or questions first date or getting to know each other

Have you met a new person and your first date is coming up or you have already had one and are currently in the getting to know each other? Then here are cool questions either or with which you can get to know him even better. They are perfect for flirting, calling or doing a video call.

Cola or water?

Android or iPhone?

Save the world, but nobody knows or would you rather become famous for something banal?

Pizza or pasta?

Dog or cat?

Parties or sleeping?

Chaos or order?

Bus or train?

Two weeks on the cell phone or rather without the computer?

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Country or city?

Romantic date or adventure?

Puzzles or TV?

Sing or dance?

Intelligence or humor?

Day or night?

Sweet or salty?

McDonald’s or Burger King?

Intelligence or beauty?

Flowers or chocolate?

Heart or head?

Summer or winter?

Either or relationship and sex issues

Now it’s getting hot! Have you always wanted to ask your partner intimate questions or just more about their perspective on a partnership? With these relationship questions it works in a playful way.

Cuddling or sex?

Top or bottom?

With or without foreplay?

Hug or hold hands?

Valentine’s Day or Anniversary?

Would you rather wear the same socks for a month or the same underwear for two weeks?

Call or text?

Bed or couch?

In-depth relationship questions or funny ones?

To you or to me?

Traveling or chilling at home?

House or apartment?

Back or side sleeper?

Sex with socks or without socks?

Oral or Anal?

To marry or never?

Gentle or Passionate?

Children or no children?

Tattoo or piercings?

Either or family questions

Do you enjoy spending a lot of time with your family? Then relationship questions are certainly not really suitable in such a situation. There is a “harmless” but just as entertaining list of questions for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and co.

Children or pets?

Sister or brother?

Mom or dad?

Team bride or groom?

Cake or cake?

Wheel stroke or balancing act?

Saving or Shopping?

Carpet or tiles?

Bread or rolls?

Play soccer or watch soccer?

Fruits or vegetables?

Muesli or corn flakes?

Curtain or roller blind?

Burger or Chicken Nuggets?

Showering or bathing?

Living room or bedroom?

Coffee or tea?

Birthday or christmas?

Breakfast or dinner?

Cook or order food?

Either or questions series, films and TV

Do you and your friends love to watch the latest movies and series? Then this list of questions is just right for you.

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Netflix or Amazon Prime?

“Star Wars” or “Star Trek”?

Cinema or theater?

Film or series?

James Bond “or” Batman?

“Breaking Bad” oder “Game of Thrones”?

Horror film or comedy?

Disney or Anime?

“Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings”?

The bachelor or jungle camp?

“House of Money” or “Elite”

Witch or wizard?

DC or Marvel?

“Friends” oder “How I Met Your Mother?”

Vampire or werewolf?

The hardest either or questions

Relationship questions or those for your family have been too easy for you until now? Then things get pretty tricky with this list of questions. Can you choose

Anger or sadness?

Would you rather get away with lying every time or would you always know when someone is lying?

Who would you rather interview – God or the devil?

Win the lottery or find the love of your life?

Would you rather buy ten things that you don’t need every time you go to the supermarket or always forget what you actually need?

Vengeance or forgiveness?

Would you rather laugh uncontrollably whenever you cry, or cry like a baby whenever you are happy?

Snooze or get up?

Truth or lie?

Would you rather win the lottery or double your lifetime?

Money or fame?

Good Will or Courage?

Would you rather be immortal or have nine lives?

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Sources used: spielregeln.de, psycatgames.com


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