Note: This article contains spoilers for El Camino: A breaking bad movie.

We do not necessarily have to required it but Vince Gilligan really came with us El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie – The first reviews are almost perfect.

Immediately after the escape of Jesse Pinkman from the neo-Nazi complex – Walter White is officially dead and Jesse is now destitute – Aaron Paul's baggy-jeaned Crystal Meth-cook offers a graceful yet violent swan song.

It was a tough job for Gilligan to write and direct El Caminobut, judging by the critical response, he has managed to make a worthy contribution breaking Bad Universe.

Matt Jones, Charles Baker, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Ben Rothstein / Netflix

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Below is a selection of the reviews from which you have been selected Rotted tomatoes – The film is currently closed 95% Rating at the time of writing.

Digital Spy

"Did we really have to see what happened next to Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman? Surely it was enough to know that he had fled the white gang of the Supremacists, and we could only believe that Jesse would be fine.

"We should not have worried. El Camino: A breaking bad movie The question of whether it is necessary may not be entirely unanswered, but it is still a wonderful coda for the television series and a showcase for Aaron Paul's highest talent. "

Rolling Stone

"Like the original series (and further Saul), the action here is sometimes exciting, sometimes terrible and sometimes just funny. And in El CaminoThe best moments are all these things at the same time. (Among other things, it ruins an easy-to-listen radio forever.)

"If Vince Gilligan operates close to his powers and takes the time to fix one of the few things that did not work out well on the show, that's a damn fun gift."

imageSony Pictures TVNetflix

Indie Wire

"Jesse is not infallible – as always, Paul is more than capable of wordlessly communicating when Jesse knows he made a mistake – but the meticulous way he addresses these very specific goals shows how much he learned from his former crime partner.

"Much of what makes this a success for fans and agnostics is how they already existed breaking Bad Characters join the fight. Each of them is introduced in front of the camera, which is Gilligan's way to give the hero the opportunity to reconsider their arrival before anyone else can see them. "


"Scriptwriter and director Vince Gilligan's memorable script explores Jesse's profound transformation through well-placed flashbacks and cameos that do not feel compelled to serve the fans, and Aaron Paul delivers one of the best performances of his career to be sustained breaking BadA well-deserved reputation as a television phenomenon is alive and well for years to come. "

But it was not all praise as one release found signs of weakness in the film and another asked why Gilligan even bothered to do it.

The Independent

"El Camino is built on the premise that will be released in the final of breaking Bad Jesse was not even halfway to freedom. Flee from the police, get the money, kill a few points, flee forever … the conspiracy must focus on these groundbreaking attempts.

"Gilligan works hard to keep things interesting, but he shies away from Walter White's all-consuming hubris. El CaminoThe driving forces are too predictable. El Camino has many joys, but it is no breaking Bad, "


"After five seasons full of dramas and traumas, the movie nobody asks for adds a post-credits to an already perfect finale, and it's not the first time this has happened, and it probably will not be the last But the lesson is still the same: If you are thinking about doing a sequel, a spin-off, an aftereffect or whatever – if it is not broken, please do not try to fix it. "

El Camino: A breaking bad movie is now available on Netflix.

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