El Pastor cheese, without weapons in front of the arsenal of Perfumerías Avenida

If the regional derbies between Avenida and Quesos El Pastor are always unbalanced, everything suggested that it would be even more so this season. And it is that while Avenida appeared in Zamora with an already acquired cruising speed, with full of triumphs and being the best defense and the best attack, the Zamora team barely added a victory in the championship.

Despite these forecasts, the locals jumped onto the field with defensive intensity, alternating defenses to try to block the Salamanca attack, and they were successful in the launch. The first advantages were local, thanks to two almost consecutive triples that placed the score at 8-4 in the first three minutes. In minute 5, Perfumerías Avenida took the reins of the scoreboard, not to release them until the end. A triple by Hayes placed the 10-11 that was the start of the take-off of Íñiguez’s squad until the end of the first quarter with 13-21.

Avenida’s success was being very high, and the proof was that in the twelfth minute of the match, Perfumerías Avenida missed its first shot of two in the game. But that failure was an anecdote. That success was joined by the triples at the end of the second quarter, which allowed Íñiguez’s players to go to rest with 31-48. The defense of CD Zamarat was not able to stop that success and already accumulated twelve turnovers forced by the suffocating pressure of Avenida.

Passing through the changing rooms seemed to suit Queso El Pastor better, than a 5-0 run, thanks to two quick actions, closed the gap to 36-48. Íñiguez requested time-out to calm his own and the blue machine re-carbured. In just three minutes, a 0-13 run definitely broke the match: 36-61, min.25. The only facet that Ángel Fernández’s team was dominating was that of rebounds, although it was serving him little until that moment.

The last quarter began with 44-74, 30 points away for the visiting squad. It remained to be seen if Quesos El Pastor would surrender and the difference would skyrocket in a scandalous way or if they would fight until the last moment. And CD Zamarat, unlike Cadi La Seu, wanted to stand up to the end despite the obvious difference in all aspects. Thus, those of Ángel Fernández managed to close the last quarter winning the set by 20-13 to reach the final horn with the final 64-87.

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