El Tiempo – Jefry Martínez, the Bogota man stranded in London with cancer

I came to London for a company training to work on cruise ships. Then for the twenty-seventh of August he had bought some train tickets, obviously to leave the United Kingdom, well, because he knew that life was ready to inspire. And he also sent me messages to inform me that the tickets had been canceled due to Corona Virus restrictions and and then that was canceled well ok eh I continued eh obviously then planning the trip because you know that when one plans a trip well one Plan ahead and obviously comparing a ticket from one day to the next is very expensive, the case was that it began, I began to plan the trip again, with the trip canceled, I must be there and it was when I bought it for the twenty-seventh of. September we are talking about. The fifteenth, fifteenth of fifteen, sixteen, I don’t remember the date well. Again the same symptoms, fever, fatigue, super tired, many night sweats, but that is, the sweats were extreme, extreme, since I left the bed soaked, I left the bed soaked, and well I began to notice that I was losing weight, They gave me a lot of dizziness, frequent dizziness, that is, I stopped, I got dizzy, I was walking, I got dizzy at all times, I had to find a place to sit, where to support myself, because of the symptoms I had, after the fifteenth Likewise, that is, about a few days passed and it was on the 20th, if I’m not bad, on September 20th that I arrived at the hospital again, with the same symptoms. They were the nineteenth, sorry. They had given me, I got there with some symptoms, they gave me other antibiotics, because it was like one, like one, something sooner, well, I had told them that well I had a ticket, then they kind of like that, like that They didn’t pay much attention to me, or yes, they paid attention to me, obviously, if the service is excellent, but they didn’t pay much attention to me, well, well, let’s give him some antibiotics and now, it wasn’t that deep. However, from the first time I had gone, they had told me, I had told them that they had a flight, so when you arrive in your country, you must check yourself because your glass is inflamed, and it has, and something in your blood, It is not there, it is not very good, there are some levels of something of something strange. That day I went on September 20, they gave me antibiotics, I went home, and at the end of the treatment I was exactly the same, I was exactly the same, with the same sweats, with the same fever, that is, with the The same fatigue, the same tiredness, well, obviously, super worried about the fever, and because of the coronavirus, I could not I could not get on a plane, because with fever, low blood pressure, so it was something impossible in those moments, I couldn’t get on a plane. Did you miss the second flight? That, that day then I said, I’m going to go to him for the doctor, and on the twenty-fifth, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-five I went to the doctor and there they received me with the same symptoms, all the same, and that was when the doctor told me doctor He told me no, so you can’t travel, we have to do some check-ups because, since apparently he had raised the levels a little bit, I don’t know the truth and that was when. Were you diagnosed? It focused me. I decide to lose the trip, to lose everything. Doctor, you are diagnosed. They diagnose me after a biopsy, some diagnose me. What did you feel at that moment when they told you? You speak english, right? Thank goodness, less bad. No, imagine, I mean, I mean, I imagine, many people have called me and said, oh, I had a similar story to give me support. They tell me, I had a similar story, well, but at that time I don’t know if you have a good English language, but I didn’t. And well, yes, they are things like that really help because because well one of them in one way or another, well, they have to feel, well, very grateful, well, in that one, imagine yourself in this in another country where another language was spoken and I I did not have the possibility of communicating assertively and that you do not know what is happening. Right. So hey later, how long did it take from the moment the studies began until they confirmed the disease? Eh that happened as good because the biopsies the truth is they are very delayed because they had never done me one but well I learned that the biopsies were very delayed so eh that was what took the most time because it was like around the diagnosis around the diagnosis and and well The biopsy was like something very key, they did a biopsy on the neck of a gland. And what did you feel when they told you he has this? No, total collapse, that is, total collapse. No, at this time, after, I was hospitalized, from September 25 to October 16. October 16 and no, because fortunately a group of women have collaborated with me, which I got through my friend, well, and they have been very very unconditional too, they call me, they are pending. One of them opened the doors of her house for me to stay with her, an excellent woman. And where are they from? Are they Colombian? Are they english how? Eh total Colombians. And who accompanied you throughout this process? Well, uh, mainly because I talked a lot with my family, but here the one from whom I felt a lot of support was a friend who, curiously, we met at school a long time ago and she came to meet here because of circumstances of life and I feel that she was a great support, I feel that she was already a great support for me. What prospects do they have of the treatment, what does it consist of, have the doctors told you? Yes, it consists of isolating it in the blood, well, it is around a lymphatic system. It consists of putting the intravenous treatment, which has a protein inside the blood there is a protein, which is already more than twenty eh the idea of ​​the treatment is to isolate these proteins, isolate these proteins and prevent their growth so that these proteins are inside of the blood are not allowing the regularization of the iron and the white cells of the. The platelets and the Hello, The white blood cells the white blood cells and then what that does is isolate the AC twenty protein so that the white blood cells can reproduce in a better way and attack and attack the disease in this way is like intoxicating a little to detoxify the body. Ya yy what do you do? How long should you be in treatment? Eh well, I don’t know. Haven’t they told you? Haven’t they told you? No Withdrawal.

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