Elections 4-M: The ‘procés’ of Madrid will take its toll | Elections in Madrid 4M

The headquarters of the Community of Madrid in Puerta del Sol in a file image.Rodrigo Jiménez / EFE

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Nothing is free. Political offenses take their toll on the economy of the person who launches them. It will happen with Madrid. As with the other reactionary national populisms: Trumpism, victim of its tariff war; Brexit, which loses commercial and financial piston every day; and the process, which has given the business jewels and the Catalan DNA of a productive locomotive to Madrid. All have weakened the foundations of their economy.

They are all a concoction of centralism and secessionism. In the center, the pure Nation against the enemy: the world; the European Union; Spain, entities that must be separated from, as they are expensive, useless, shabby, poor, old-fashioned and corrupt. In the traditional city, its residents “are free because they live in Madrid”; It will be that the rest of us are slaves thanks to the Constitution.

The official Madrid imitated the process, pretending to fight it. Before 4-M, the copy has been superlative. Almost supremacist haughtiness: “I would already have 100% Madrid vaccinated” (for “with independence we would not have so many deaths”), or the failed operations of Chinese masks and Russian vaccines, against what was agreed by the State. Contempt for Justice, which has “manufactured” invented demands on Toni Cantó. And the Electoral Board (which reprimanded him for defying the regulations, like Quim Torra with his little banners). Attacks against the Government for (false) discrimination in the distribution of vaccines, direct aid and European funds …

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And fiscal victimhood (cousin of indepe with fiscal balances) for the alleged offense to the autonomy that the Government intends to inflict by legislating minimum floors for inheritance or patrimony. Legally, when 99% or 100% of a tax is reduced – not an opinionable increase or decrease of 30% or 40% – it is not modulated. It is obliterated from behind, that fraud of law.

Internationally, the reduction promises are out of the game, as the debate today is between postponing the fiscal increases to full recovery, as the EU (and the OECD, and the IMF) maintain, or advancing them, to what the US is preparing .

In Spain, tax competition aggressive or disloyal fattens the capital’s coffers absorbing (or sucking) resources from empty Spain, and from the others. There are two ways out: a law of tax rebalancing bases, with hairpins. And / or a distribution of the capital, distributing its headquarters. Enjoying the common agora and also taxing your neighbors less offends the rest. It is an installment invoice. Now, the added taunts make her peremptory.

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