Elian Villafañe: “There was a climate of joy”

After completing the first week of training, the technical director of the Club Atlético Barrio Parque team, Elián Villafañe, said that the work was positive.

Photo: Parque Barrio Press

“There was a climate of joy and tranquility due to the possibility of going back to work. Very grateful to Mario García for the possibility and confidence in the coaching staff and players “, said the coach, who explained that” this first week of training was aimed at a recovery, evaluations and first general set-up. Rather focused on individual technique training ”.

Villafañe also commented that “together with the assistants and the physical trainer, we believe it is essential that the return be progressive, controlled and conscious, after this long stand, that is why the training was comprehensive, in the morning and the following week they will continue with the same modality pending confirmation of the start of the competition.

Gerardo Fornasero Press Club Atlético Barrio Parque

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