Elizabeth II congratulates Charles of England very tenderly on his 72 years

In the British royal family they are celebrating today. Charles of England turns 72 in full confinement and without being able to carry out big celebrations with his family. The heir to the throne is at his home in Birkhall with Camilla Parker Bowles, the person he has spent this day with. But the fact of not being able to physically see other members of the Windsors has not prevented him from receiving different gestures of affection on this very important day on the calendar. During the previous confinement the British royal family assured that they had gotten used to talking via video call and to celebrate special occasions in this way. So most likely you have been able to share a few minutes with your family thanks to the technologies.

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What Carlos of England has received from some members of the British royal family are public congratulations. One of the most special has been that of his mother, who has shared an endearing photograph to wish him well on this day. On her Instagram profile, Isabel II has published a black and white image of when the heir to the throne was very young. The photo has received numerous comments highlighting the tenderness of the moment.

Elizabeth II Prince CharlesElizabeth II Prince Charles

Elizabeth II’s tender congratulations to Prince Charles of England.

Instagram @theroyalfamily

Those who have also had a detail with him are Prince William and Kate Middleton. Also through their Instagram they have published a photograph of the Duke of Cambridge’s father. In it Prince Charles of England appears very smiling, the way his son likes to reflect him. The heir to the throne has shared on his profile a photo with which he thanked his followers and to his family all the good wishes that have been transmitted to him today.

Prince William and Kate MiddletonPrince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton have thus congratulated Prince Charles of England.

Instagram @kensingtonroyal

What he has not received, at least publicly, is the congratulations of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stopped using social media when they held the ‘Megxit’, and they don’t even use it for these special occasions. So to have congratulated Prince Charles of England They will have done it privately either by phone or by video call from Los Angeles.

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