Elon Musk advises Apple or Xiaomi about the manufacture of vehicles

More and more technology companies want to join electric mobility within the automobile segment, such as Apple, Xiaomi or Huawei, among others. Some of them even have presented their first prototype, so that potential consumers begin to visualize what these future cars would look like.

Sony was one of the first firms to present its prototype (or concept car, as they are also known), according to the Hindustan Times. Apple is probably the brand that generates the most expectation regarding the possible arrival of its «Apple Car» en 2025. An alleged collaboration with the South Korean group Kia & Hyundai was considered, although this collaboration appears to have been canceled, in favor of an agreement with LG and Magna.

The difference between the conceptualization of a product, its presentation to the public and its subsequent manufacture and distribution on a large scale are well known. Tesla herself knew first-hand sayings problems during the launch of your Model 3, back in 2017.

If mass manufacturing of a product is envisaged, it should begin as early as the early stages of product conceptualization. In the industry world it is known as DFM o Design for Manufacturing, designing each component or equipment while designing how it should be manufactured, assembled and controlled, with the aim of maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

Construction of the facilities, optimization of the line (or production lines), balancing of stations, selection of suppliers or quality assurance are some examples of actions to be carried out during the production phase, phase to which many prototypes have never reached.

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In the case of the Tesla Model 3, some of the problems during its first months of production were excessive automation that did not have the expected capacity, problems with welding the chassis or bottlenecks in the paint line, among others.

Furthermore, the possible problems associated with mass production do not disappear once the initial stage of production has been passed. It is quite frequent that, due to factors such as the plant layout of the factory, location of suppliers or ergonomic problems, they cause delays or incidents.

These types of problems are solved once the restyling of the model in question is released, although Tesla is known for continually improving and updating its vehicles.

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