ElPozo returns to Barcelona looking for its best version

It is very early yet. Only three games have been played in this league and we are suffering a pandemic that has everything turned upside down. But what is still true and is the most palpable reality is that ElPozo Murcia Costa Cálida is playing a lot this afternoon, starting at 6:00 p.m. in Barcelona, ​​against Industrias Santa Coloma.

ElPozo Murcia may fall for the first time in its history in relegation positions and that is that Giustozzi’s team has only one point out of six possible, having played both games at home. It is also true that the butcher painting outside the Palace for whatever reason, (because no one has yet managed to know the reason for those lows in the Murcian parquet), works much better. Also, his numbers are better as a visitor.

Thus, the truth is that the team arrived in Barcelona yesterday, to play in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. The new Camp del Ferro, in Sant Andreu, will be the pavilion used this year by the Catalan team. An Industrias Santa Coloma directed by Javi Rodríguez and who has known the three signs in the three games he has played, winning Ribera Navarra, drawing with O Parrulo and losing with the leader Levante UD.

Two important casualties

ElPozo Murcia will have Fernando casualties due to injury and Pol Pacheco due to sanction. Felipe Valerio and Miguelín have traveled, although they are not one hundred percent. The rest of the team is available and wanting to forget this bad start to the season as soon as possible and trusting in those good matches in the Champions League, a week ago now and also in Barcelona, ​​where the team showed that it can work.

Diego Giustozzi was a bit bitter yesterday with the press. The Argentine continues to look askance at what is said or not said about the team, but the truth is that the numbers always rule. “I have nothing to change in the team, I see them great, we have dominated the four games we have played, I don’t have to touch anything, because even this would be bad for the players, who understand each other better and do it very well. . We have played four games and I can not think if it is better or worse, you have to take more games to have something clear, “he said.


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