Embracer Group completes the merger with Gearbox Entertainment

Embracer Group and Gearbox Entertainment Company have completed the $ 1.3 billion merger., according to announced. The agreement, which was revealed in February, achieves that Embracer Group reaches more than 240 licenses and a team of 7000 employees among all his studios, of which 550 belong to the Gearbox teams in Frisco, Texas and Quebec. “Our group is incredibly excited about the opportunity we have now,” said Randy Pitchford, founder of the studio. “We are now positioned to launch new licenses, do more with existing ones, increase the size of our teams and seize new opportunities in our goal of entertaining. This is just the beginning. “

Gearbox Software is known for Borderlands, Brothers in Arms, Aliens: Colonial Marines and they own the license Duke Nukem. The relationship with Take-Two and 2K, publisher of the saga BorderlandsIt seems that they will not undergo changes -in fact they will continue to collaborate on the most immediate project, the new film-, but from the statements it seems clear that the intention is to promote sagas such as Duke Nukem or launch original games.

“This is the biggest fusion Embracer has ever made”says Lars Wingefor, CEO and founder of Embracer Group. “I am grateful to Randy and his entire team for their enthusiasm, creativity and vision. We are confident in the long-term future of Gearbox with Embracer Group.”

Operations with Aspyr Media and Easybrain have also been completed

Embracer Group tambin has closed the acquisition of Aspyr Media and the merger with Easybrain, which had been announced on the same date as the merger with Gearbox. Although less meditative, it seems that Aspyr Media will give a lot to talk about in the future, as rumors suggest that after adapting several classics of Star Wars to current platforms -the latest Star Wars: Republic Commando, now on sale- now they are working on reimagining Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, also known for Knights of the Old Republic O DIRTY. It will not be a faithful remake of the BioWare originals, but rather a game that integrates elements of the two games with the Star Wars canon.

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