Glasgow Airport has strict restrictions. The world's largest commercial passenger aircraft is preparing to fly into the city.

Avid aviation connoisseurs will be given the chance to see Scottish aviation history on Tuesday when the interchange and Emirates greet the massive double-decker jet A380.

Airport bosses have invested around 8 million pounds in their infrastructure to ensure that the airport is ready for the big moment when the flight EK025 arrives at 19:45.

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Due to the great public interest in the event, the airport and police have introduced restrictions on Scotland for the big day.

No parking is allowed on the surrounding streets of the airport, including Abbotsinch Road, Walkinshaw Road and Barnsford Road.

On the roads mentioned above, no vehicles may be within three meters of the airport's fence.

The police and airport security do not enforce parking regulations to ensure that these three roads flow freely to allow emergency vehicles access at all times.

Finally, on the three roads mentioned above, no ladders are allowed against the perimeter fence.

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If you want to stand and see the huge airplane country, you can do so along Abbotsinch Road, Walkinshaw Road and Barnsford Road – however, no vehicles should be parked.

Six hours of free parking is available on the airport's long-term parking. All visitors viewing the plane's arrival and departure (9:30 pm) should take advantage of this.

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The trail from the long-term parking lot to the west and east side of the airport is available via pavement.

The public is invited to enjoy the event and share their images on # HelloA380 on social media.