Here is something Harry Potter Fans always needed it without realizing it: an Instagram video by Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy on a skateboard. Emma Watson supported Tom Felton and his new show in a post on Instagram origins with a few sweet memories, including a video of the two chilling out on the beach and crossing LA on the same set of wheels as Gryffindors and Slytherins do.

On Thursday, November 8, Watson released two cuddly moments between her friends on Instagram. One is a selfie of her with former Harry Potter Nemesis Tom Felton, and the next one is a video of the couple who huddled on a skateboard – they want to ride at the same time. It's pretty amazing. And it was a particularly magical moment, because usually the fans do not look the costumes – they are all so busy! There is also her caption. In addition to emojis of a palm tree and a clown, Watson wrote:

"Tom's @origin_series is on November 14. Congratulations, dear friend. # TFToleratingmysubparskatingskillssince1999."

As a supportive friend, Watson made sure that Felton's new TV series was included in her Instagram title. (It was not sponsored content because she did not use the hashtag #ad or anything like that, just a good buddy!) But what exactly is this new show? origin is a YouTube original series that debuts on November 14th. In it, Felton plays a character named Logan Maine, a jokey, stubborn passenger aboard a damn spaceship leaving Earth. Well, yes, he probably will not skate in the sun soon, at least not on the screen.

Watson's sweet Insta sets aside the purpose of the post so many questions. Especially Harry Potter Superfans probably did not know that Watson and Felton were so close. But more importantly, did Felton try to teach Watson how to skate in the nearly 20 years they know each other? That's perhaps the sweetest thing about Charms and Muggle worlds.

"Just the wobbly!" Felton admonishes her in the clip: "Keep your feet still!" Watson insists, "I'm not!" but who could blame her if she did? Anyone who was a skateboard passenger knows that it really is not The easy. Even if you're Hermione Granger on and off the screen.

"You dance like a clown on the board," jokes Felton, "stay firm!" Watson mumbles back, "I'll stay tuned." This is certainly the clip that will release a thousand new posts by Hermione-Draco Tumblr. It's just so cozy. And stylized! What are these performers trying to do with the hearts of their fans?


Knowing that Felton and Watson are close enough to literally skateboard with a skateboard is pretty enchanting. Even charming. (The Harry Potter Word games write themselves.) It seems that Watson involved one of the best scenes in the franchise by punching the Felton square in the face. And Hermione Draco shippers will be eternally grateful for that.


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